Macedonia hopes for calm after days of protests, riots


A Skopje court sentenced six people for 2012 murders that officials say were committed to put ethnic Macedonians and Albanians in conflict.
Greece offers leniency to corruption convicts


Greek authorities ponder a pay-to-stay-out-of-jail option for individuals convicted of corruption.
Bloggers debate laws to decrease illegal weapons in the Balkans


Some bloggers argue that rigorous penalties are the only way to address the illegal weapons problem.
Drug bust shows Montenegro's efforts against organised crime, experts say


The recent seizure of 250 kilograms of cocaine in Bar shows that the country is serious about beating crime and corruption.
BiH lawmakers increase efforts against corruption


Under new legislation, anti-corruption and anti-crime institutions will be established in BiH.
New judiciary guide sparks censorship accusations in Romania


Journalists and civil society claim new regulations block media access to high-level corruption files.
Balkans create regional network to manage confiscated assets


EU officials said the network will deter criminal activity by showing it does not pay.
EU praises new procurement law in BiH


In an effort to end corruption in purchasing of goods from outside sources, the BiH parliament adopted a new law.
International foundation assists the Balkans against organised crime


Macedonia will co-operate with an international non-governmental organisation to prevent and fight organised crime.
Kosovo takes action against illegal construction


Authorities arrest officials suspected of corruption, draft new laws and destroy illegal structures.
Experts, bloggers say law unfairly targets journalists in Croatia


Bloggers discuss felony vilification and call for Croatia to remove the section from the new criminal code.
Greece moves to tighten prison furloughs


Terrorism convicts will face a 20-year wait for the opportunity to be conditionally released, according to a newly proposed law.
On the web, public calls for a fair trial in the Saric case


The arrest and trial of alleged drug lord Darko Saric is being hailed by many online commenters as eyes turn to the judicial system.
Arrests highlight Montenegro's efforts against corruption


Officials said the resolve is there, but experts said stronger anti-corruption efforts are needed.
Bloggers debate proposed Kosovo war crimes tribunal


Kosovo insists the new tribunal should be within its jurisdiction.

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