Balkan police co-operation reduces organised car theft


Efforts by the authorities as well as the end of duty tariffs on car imports have had an impact.
Karadzic verdict could be turning point in BiH


Experts and officials said that the Karadzic verdict could help unify BiH.
Lighter sentences sought in Greece corruption cases


The efforts coincide with government calls for lesser sentences but bigger fines.
New police operations in the Balkans against Islamic extremists


Authorities in Kosovo and Bosnia and Herzegovina detain more people suspected of ties to violent extremist organisations.
BiH war crimes arrests lauded by ICTY


ICTY chief prosecutor Serge Brammertz said the country's progress in dealing with war criminals is evident.
Law to slow terrorists in Romania stirs privacy debate


Officials said 13 million pre-paid cards are used in Romania and, apart from terrorism, they can be misused in a wide range of illegal activities.
Probe against Serbian general is only the first, prosecutor says


The Serbian War Crimes Prosecution ordered an investigation of the military general Dragan Zivanovic, the first general suspected by the Serbian judiciary of command responsibility for war crimes in Kosovo.
New anti-smoking law in Albania creates controversy


Bloggers are divided whether the government can implement the law and protect public health.
Kosovo promises to co-operate with war crimes investigation


Indictments by an EU task force are expected to be filed once a special court is established next year.
Trial in 2012 fatal nightclub fire stirs up Serbia


The trial raised questions about the judiciary, as well as safety conditions at clubs.
Macedonia hopes for calm after days of protests, riots


A Skopje court sentenced six people for 2012 murders that officials say were committed to put ethnic Macedonians and Albanians in conflict.
Greece offers leniency to corruption convicts


Greek authorities ponder a pay-to-stay-out-of-jail option for individuals convicted of corruption.
Bloggers debate laws to decrease illegal weapons in the Balkans


Some bloggers argue that rigorous penalties are the only way to address the illegal weapons problem.
Drug bust shows Montenegro's efforts against organised crime, experts say


The recent seizure of 250 kilograms of cocaine in Bar shows that the country is serious about beating crime and corruption.
BiH lawmakers increase efforts against corruption


Under new legislation, anti-corruption and anti-crime institutions will be established in BiH.

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