Gas pipeline to boost economy and energy security in Moldova


The pipeline represents a vital energy alternative for Moldova, officials and analysts say.
Russia's sanctions will not harm regional agriculture, officials say


Alternative markets will help regional countries keep their foreign trade levels stable, they said.
Bank of Albania governor under pressure after theft probe


The demand comes after the bank announced employees stole millions over a four-year period.
Albania to make farming more EU compliant


An EU-funded study maps the state of agriculture in Albania and suggests areas where Union standards are needed most.
Serbia considers law to speed up privatisation


The proposed law, which would be supported by a loan from the World Bank, is being considered by Parliament. In other business news: optimism grows for the economy's future in southeast Europe.
Conference raises 1.8 billion euros for Balkan flood relief


Money from the conference will be used to support Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. In other business news: The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development approves a credit line for Albania's Deposit Insurance Agency (ADIA).
EU helps Balkans to reduce unemployment


The European Union is supporting local efforts, funding institutional development and supporting at-risk workers in order to increase employment in the Balkans.
Economies of new EU countries growing quickly


The economies of 11 countries that joined the EU since 2004 are expected to continue growing next year. In other business news: Officials in the Western Balkans look for more ways to improve the economy.
Croatia expecting 1.5 billion-euro tourism project


Work is expected to begin this year in the southern town of Sibenik. In other business news: the Eurozone approves aid for Cyprus and Greece; Bulgaria avoids a financial crisis.
EU asks the Balkans to fight energy sector corruption


A new report recommends reform of the justice system to tackle corruption in energy deals.
Croatia, Montenegro working together to reach Adriatic oilfields


The effort to drill for oil and gas could stimulate the economy and attract foreign investment.
Belgrade riverfront to see large investment project


Eagle Hills is investing up to 4 billion euros to develop property on the Sava River. In other business news: Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova signed free-trade pacts with the EU.
Croatia, Macedonia and Bulgaria link their stock exchanges


Experts say closer ties will increase the flow of capital in the Balkans.
Flooding in Bulgaria damages tourism, agricultural industries


Authorities say the flooding has damaged important infrastructure that will need to be repaired. In other business news: A research group warns of corruption in the business sector.
Businesses in the region to benefit from European Bank investment


Small- and medium-sized enterprises in the Western Balkans will get a new chance for development with an investment from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.

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