thumbnailOfficials confident in Ukraine's planned May 25th election
2014-04-17Officials in Kiev are looking ahead to presidential elections on May 25th, despite the Kremlin-backed destabilisation and provocation in eastern Ukraine.
thumbnailEU, NATO call on Russia to 'stop being part of the problem' in Ukraine
2014-04-16After 10 days of on-going occupations and attacks on state institutions and government buildings in eastern Ukraine, an official in Kiev announces an "anti-terrorist" operation.
thumbnailShip and crew prepared to neutralise Syria's chemical arsenal
2014-04-11The mission to safely dismantle the chemical weapons is part of a multi-national effort that is unanimously endorsed by the United Nations Security Council.
thumbnailExperts: Unrest in Ukraine is 'well-planned' Kremlin provocation
2014-04-09On-going shootings and attacks on government buildings in eastern Ukraine are part of the Kremlin's federalisation effort to control the whole country, analysts and officials say.
thumbnailNATO investing in Balkan countries
2014-04-08The Alliance is restoring bridges and improving the infrastructure to assist regional countries.
thumbnailAllies plan military training in Ukraine
2014-04-04While NATO suspends ties with Russia, dissuading it from further aggressive behaviour in Ukraine, Kiev is planning to host joint military drills with European and Alliance countries.
thumbnailBalkan countries train together for ISAF
2014-04-02Joint preparation contributes to regional co-operation and Euro-Atlantic integration.
thumbnailCroatia, Serbia expand defence co-operation
2014-04-01Collaboration between the two countries is crucial for regional stability and EU integration.
thumbnailBloggers debate proposed Kosovo war crimes tribunal
2014-03-28Kosovo insists the new tribunal should be within its jurisdiction.
thumbnailRussia's federalisation plan for Ukraine sparks criticism
2014-03-27The West supports the territorial integrity of Ukraine and calls for united actions against Russian interference.
thumbnailEuropean countries feel safer under NATO protective umbrella
2014-03-25Officials and regional security experts view the Alliance as crucial to the region's prosperity.
thumbnailSerbs in Crimea send 'false message,' experts and citizens say
2014-03-24A group of extremists who have joined the Russian paramilitary forces in Crimea do not represent the state, experts tell SETimes.
thumbnailAlbania arrests alleged jihad recruiting group
2014-03-21Officials are trying to prevent imams and others from recruiting Muslims to fight in foreign conflicts.
thumbnailSoutheast Europe, Turkey criticise Russian moves in Ukraine
2014-03-20The annexation of Crimea has many worried about Russian ambition in Eastern Europe.
thumbnailUkraine crisis sparks worries in Southeast Europe
2014-03-17Citizens in Southeast Europe are concerned about family members in Ukraine as tension increases.
thumbnailEU rejects Crimea-Kosovo comparisons
2014-03-14Threats of genocide spurred Kosovo's separation, but no such threat lies in Crimea.
thumbnailBloggers: Genocide trials will have no winner
2014-03-14As the International Court of Justice begins hearing the Croatian and Serbian lawsuits, bloggers weigh in with their thoughts.
thumbnailNATO works to help Ukraine
2014-03-13The Alliance seeks to stabilise the situation, reassure Ukraine and allies.
thumbnailNATO and Serbia strive to strengthen co-operation in Kosovo
2014-03-10In hopes of smoothing the relations between Pristina and Belgrade in carrying out the Brussels agreement, KFOR and Serbian Army officials are discussing co-operation.
thumbnailBulgaria, Serbia improving military co-operation
2014-03-07Joint training operations and preparation for multi-national exercises are the focal points of military co-operation between Bulgaria and Serbia.


Region taking stand against corruption in footballRegion taking stand against corruption in football

After years riddled with scandal, officials are taking steps to end corruption and crime in football.

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A US ship and crew is making final preparations to neutralise the most dangerous part of Syria’s chemical weapon arsenal. How important do you believe the operation is in protecting civilian populations from chemical weapons?

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