thumbnailIslamic community disavows terrorism, extremist organisations
2014-07-30Muslims increasingly perceive ISIL and Boko Haram as criminal rather than religious organisations.
thumbnailOSCE explores ways to prevent extremism in the Balkans
2014-07-28Experts discuss approaches to counter radicalisation of potential terrorists.
thumbnailMacedonia hopes for calm after days of protests, riots
2014-07-10A Skopje court sentenced six people for 2012 murders that officials say were committed to put ethnic Macedonians and Albanians in conflict.
thumbnailMuslims in the Balkans refute ISIL's so-called caliphate
2014-07-09Citizens from different countries in the region said they belong to Europe.
thumbnailBloggers debate laws to decrease illegal weapons in the Balkans
2014-07-04Some bloggers argue that rigorous penalties are the only way to address the illegal weapons problem.
thumbnailNATO awaits BiH progress on Alliance membership
2014-07-03An Alliance membership action plan will be activated as soon as the issue of military property registration is resolved.
thumbnailArmies in the Balkans show co-operation in crisis situations
2014-06-30Co-operation demonstrated by armed forces proves valuable in managing natural disasters, experts and officials agree.
thumbnailKosovo arrests three for terrorism, alleged connections with ISIL
2014-06-30People from Kosovo have joined radical Islamic groups, terrorising portions of the Middle East, security analysts said.
thumbnailB-2 and B-52 bombers joint exercises strengthen allies' interoperability
2014-06-27Rare mission to Europe provides allies with opportunity to integrate military tactics.
thumbnailLast batch of Syrian chemical weapons delivered for neutralisation
2014-06-26With the pending neutralisation of the last 90 tonnes of Syria's declared chemical weapons stock, the Cape Ray will have completed a complex and sensitive mission.
thumbnailSerbs exert influence by participating in Kosovo election
2014-06-25The possibility of a change in the ruling coalition in Kosovo will not derail the integration of Kosovo Serbs, experts said.
thumbnailMacedonia to join EU Battle Group exercise
2014-05-23Macedonia will take part in the military manoeuvres Rampant Lion 2014 in Belgium.
thumbnailBalkan female soldiers take greater role in peacekeeping missions
2014-05-19Women also obtain greater responsibilities in missions abroad.
thumbnailMilitants use man's death as a recruiting tool for Syrian conflict
2014-05-14Militants in Syria are trying to use the deaths of foreign fighters as evidence that their cause has broad support, complicating other countries' efforts to keep their citizens from participating in the conflict.
thumbnailA debate on the future Kosovo army
2014-05-09Opinions are divided whether to transform the existing Kosovo Security Force (KSF) into an army.
thumbnailConcern about Ukraine increases regional desire for NATO membership
2014-05-08Senior officials from Southeast Europe, noting their concerns about events in Ukraine, said NATO membership is a key policy priority for the region.
thumbnailNGOs in Montenegro advocate NATO integration
2014-04-30Organisations are supporting programmes to improve citizens' knowledge and awareness of Euro-Atlantic accession.
thumbnailGirls are 'cannon fodder' for Islamic extremists fighting in Syria, experts say
2014-04-30Analysts say extremists are targeting young women when looking for new recruits to join the fighting in Syria.
thumbnailSarajevo hosts programme to deter sex crimes in peacekeeping missions
2014-04-18Soldiers and police will participate in training aimed at preventing violence in Sarajevo.
thumbnailOfficials confident in Ukraine's planned May 25th election
2014-04-17Officials in Kiev are looking ahead to presidential elections on May 25th, despite the Kremlin-backed destabilisation and provocation in eastern Ukraine.
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Group calls for an end to hate speech on internetGroup calls for an end to hate speech on internet

A campaign to raise awareness about hate speech on the internet reaches 15 cities in BiH.

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The Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) is looking for ways to counter extremism in the Balkans. Should governments in the region do more to stop radicalism and extremism?

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