thumbnailMacedonia hopes for calm after days of protests, riots
2014-07-10A Skopje court sentenced six people for 2012 murders that officials say were committed to put ethnic Macedonians and Albanians in conflict.
thumbnailNATO awaits BiH progress on Alliance membership
2014-07-03An Alliance membership action plan will be activated as soon as the issue of military property registration is resolved.
thumbnailSerbia hoping new police leadership will reduce corruption
2014-07-01The government said it is dissatisfied with the results of the fight against organised crime.
thumbnailArmies in the Balkans show co-operation in crisis situations
2014-06-30Co-operation demonstrated by armed forces proves valuable in managing natural disasters, experts and officials agree.
thumbnailKosovo arrests three for terrorism, alleged connections with ISIL
2014-06-30People from Kosovo have joined radical Islamic groups, terrorising portions of the Middle East, security analysts said.
thumbnailCivil society seeks transparency in Romania's parliament immunity vote
2014-06-27Romanian NGOs are asking parliament to strip immunity of lawmakers under investigation for corruption.
thumbnailSerbs exert influence by participating in Kosovo election
2014-06-25The possibility of a change in the ruling coalition in Kosovo will not derail the integration of Kosovo Serbs, experts said.
thumbnailThe reality of Syria jihad, as told by young returnee
2014-06-23A Moroccan just back from fighting in Syria has a message for other young men seeking foreign jihad: don't go.
thumbnailBiH lawmakers increase efforts against corruption
2014-06-23Under new legislation, anti-corruption and anti-crime institutions will be established in BiH.
thumbnailGreek cabinet shakeup shakes up bloggers, too
2014-06-20Some bloggers are critical of the government reshuffling and early closing of parliament for the summer period.
thumbnailSerbia faces accusations of media censorship
2014-06-16The Serbian government is facing criticism over the lack of media freedom in the country.
thumbnailCoE committee puts BiH on financial blacklist
2014-06-12BiH has been added to a list of countries investors should avoid because it has not adopted laws against money laundering and terrorism financing.
thumbnailTurkey hosts Balkan youth to boost interaction
2014-06-10A new initiative would tell Turkey's story to future leaders of Balkan countries.
thumbnailGreece resurrects anti-racism bill
2014-06-10The government seeks stricter penalties for hate crimes.
thumbnailEuropean court's ruling impacts Cyprus-Turkey relations
2014-06-06Experts say the fine imposed upon Turkey could undermine reconciliation efforts on the island.
thumbnailAlbania increases anti-drug trafficking measures
2014-06-02The government acts after an airplane carrying drugs crashed and reports surfaced of potential misuse of military airports by drug traffickers.
thumbnailNationalism in Bulgaria may impact EP vote
2014-05-23Education and suppressing hate speech are the ways to fight xenophobia in Bulgaria, experts say.
thumbnailDeadlocked parliament brings early elections in Kosovo
2014-05-20Opinions are divided whether the early elections will result in a new parliament able to address pressing issues.
thumbnailMilitants use man's death as a recruiting tool for Syrian conflict
2014-05-14Militants in Syria are trying to use the deaths of foreign fighters as evidence that their cause has broad support, complicating other countries' efforts to keep their citizens from participating in the conflict.
thumbnailEnd of SAA negotiations marks new chapter for Kosovo
2014-05-12The agreement will secure Kosovo's EU future once it is ratified.
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Srebrenica relatives pleased with Dutch verdict, but not satisfiedSrebrenica relatives pleased with Dutch verdict, but not satisfied

Some believe that the verdict is the first step in exposing the truth about what happened in Srebrenica in 1995.

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Do you agree with a proposal for Greece to offer reduced prison sentences to people convicted of corruption?

Yes, imposing fines is enough of a punishment for non-violent crime
No, people convicted of corruption and fraud should face harsh sentences
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