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thumbnailGreece moves to tighten prison furloughs
2014-04-22Terrorism convicts will face a 20-year wait for the opportunity to be conditionally released, according to a newly proposed law.
thumbnailOn the web, public calls for a fair trial in the Saric case
2014-04-04The arrest and trial of alleged drug lord Darko Saric is being hailed by many online commenters as eyes turn to the judicial system.
thumbnailArrests highlight Montenegro's efforts against corruption
2014-04-01Officials said the resolve is there, but experts said stronger anti-corruption efforts are needed.
thumbnailBloggers debate proposed Kosovo war crimes tribunal
2014-03-28Kosovo insists the new tribunal should be within its jurisdiction.
thumbnailRegional co-operation leads to arrest of reputed drug boss
2014-03-25After five years on the run, suspected drug lord Darko Saric is apprehended in a joint operation between Serbia and Montenegro.
thumbnailHDZ verdict is a turning point for political transparency
2014-03-19HDZ is the first political party in the EU to be found guilty of corruption.
thumbnailBloggers: Genocide trials will have no winner
2014-03-14As the International Court of Justice begins hearing the Croatian and Serbian lawsuits, bloggers weigh in with their thoughts.
thumbnailArrests aid terrorism fight in Albania
2014-03-06The arrests of five suspects bring a long-desired relief from a terror group's actions.
thumbnailWar crimes verdicts improve Kosovo-Serbia relations, experts say
2014-03-06The Belgrade court decisions on war crimes committed in Kosovo will help improve the relationship between Albanians and Serbs, experts and citizens said.
thumbnailCroatia increases transparency of police work
2014-03-04An amendment is seen as an effort to increase public trust in the police.
thumbnailWorkers fall victim to jobs scam in Sochi
2014-02-28Thousands of workers from Southeast Europe headed to Sochi for what sounded like a dream job in constructing venues for the Olympic Games. In some cases, when they arrived, they found out differently.
thumbnailSerbia, BiH disagree on extradition protocol
2014-02-18An arrest warrant and extradition request have sparked a debate between Serbia and BiH on protocol.
thumbnailCountries increase confiscation of criminal assets
2014-02-05By seizing criminals' assets, countries in the region hope to prevent corruption and crime.
thumbnailEscaped terrorist vows renewed violence in Greece
2014-01-29Greeks debate the need to offer prison furloughs to terrorists and hardened criminals.
thumbnailSerbia focuses on judicial reform after starting EU talks
2014-01-27A newly implemented court network will improve the pace of judicial proceedings by spreading cases more evenly among judges, experts say.
thumbnailRegional governments increase efforts to end illegal building
2014-01-23Croatia aims to have 80 percent of its illegal buildings either legalised or demolished by 2015.
thumbnailEU praises Croatia's use of European arrest warrant in Perkovic case
2014-01-21EU officials have praised Croatia for using the European arrest warrant, which has been the subject of a months-long dispute between Brussels and Zagreb.
thumbnailKosovo increases security after killing of Serb assembly member
2014-01-20Kosovo authorities said the slaying was intended to spread fear at a time when the government is trying to consolidate rule of law in the Serb-dominated north.
thumbnailSerbia makes progress in privatisation corruption probe
2014-01-15The Serbian Prosecutor's Office for Organised Crime has completed its preliminary investigation of 24 privatisations.
thumbnailEU funds to accelerate BiH war crime prosecution
2014-01-06The EU invested more than 7 million euros in BiH's justice system to help the country deal with war crime cases more efficiently.


EU changes its economic approach toward the BalkansEU changes its economic approach toward the Balkans

The Union sets new criteria for membership candidate countries and potential candidates.

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