Vuk Jeremic

thumbnailAfter UN debate, questions persist about tribunal's role
2013-05-03Reactions to the tribunal's impact are mixed across the region.
thumbnailTadic's withdraw could benefit DS
2012-11-09The former president's move was to avoid a split in party ranks.
thumbnailBan pushes for understanding between Kosovo, Serbia
2012-07-25UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon urged Kosovo and Serbia to take further steps towards normalising relations.
thumbnailUN post fuels overspending charges in Serbia
2012-07-16Serbia's mission at the UN is threatening to deplete a strained state budget.
thumbnailJeremic's election improves Serbia's global image
2012-06-14Serbia Foreign Minister Vuk Jeremic was elected as president of the next session of the UN General Assembly. Analysts believe the election confirms that Belgrade has rehabilitated its image in the world.
thumbnailNigeria investment stirs debate in Kosovo
2012-04-23Controversy surrounds the business and diplomatic dealings of one of Kosovo's leading officials.
thumbnailBiH's Komsic resigns from his party
2012-03-21BiH presidency member Zeljko Komsic has turned his back on the ruling Social Democratic Party, shaking the political scene in the country.
thumbnailSerbia: One step away from candidate status
2012-02-27Analysts expect that the EU's decision on Belgrade's status will be important for relations with Kosovo and the entire region.
thumbnailKosovo, Serbia play name game
2012-02-03Kosovo and Serbia are back at the bargaining table discussing technical issues, including the name Kosovo wants to use when attending regional events.
thumbnailPolicies on Kosovo ignite Serbian bloggers
2012-01-06Serbian bloggers criticise the continuation of politics "without results".
thumbnailSerbia: split in Islamic community proves hard to heal
2011-11-03Although an agreement had seemed imminent, it now appears even Turkey's mediation may not be enough.
thumbnailKosovo is an obstacle to Serbia's EU bid
2011-09-12The Serbia-EU Forum affirmed Serbia's European prospect, but also showed that Kosovo will be a major obstacle along that path.
thumbnailNon-aligned movement still has clout, leaders say
2011-09-07Belgrade hosts an anniversary conference of an intiative co-launched by the late Tito.
thumbnailUN: situation in Kosovo still volatile
2011-08-31Northern Kosovo remains "tense and unpredictable" after the July clashes, UNMIK acting chief Farid Zarif told the Security Council on Tuesday.
thumbnailBelgrade urges dialogue in Kosovo crisis
2011-07-27A crisis at border crossings puts further Pristina-Belgrade talks into question.
thumbnailOSCE supports investigation into Kosovo human organs trade
2011-07-26The international community takes a step forward in investigating chilling claims involving Serb prisoners and others whose organs were allegedly harvested and sold.
thumbnailUS official: Balkans' future is in Euro-Atlantic institutions
2011-06-23Visiting the Western Balkans, US State Department official Philip Gordon warned of unresolved political problems that impede progress.
thumbnailSerbia aims to establish mutual trust with EU
2011-06-11Belgrade hopes the agreements will boost the credibility of its security system.
thumbnailSerbian mercenaries in Libya?
2011-06-03To fight his own people, Gaddafi has reportedly enlisted foreign soldiers – and mercenaries from European countries.
thumbnailKosovo partition comment sparks uproar
2011-05-18Though the government has never officially proposed partitioning, top Serbian officials continue to advocate it.
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Roma citizens reject radical Islamic groupsRoma citizens reject radical Islamic groups

Roma leaders emphasise the importance of protecting vulnerable citizens from the recruiting efforts of ISIL and other radical groups.

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Is co-operation between regional countries adequate to counter efforts by extremists to join violent organisations?

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