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thumbnailTycoon's arrest encourages Serbian public
2012-12-22Bloggers are relieved that the government is finally tackling shady privatisations, which they perceive as the root of organised crime.
thumbnailSerbian court disputes limits of Vojvodina autonomy
2012-07-18The constitutional court of Serbia ruled that key items of a law granting Vojvodina autonomy are unconstitutional.
thumbnailKosovo launches truth and reconciliation initiative
2012-06-02The Kosovo government has opened a broad dialogue aiming to address war atrocities and reach reconciliation between Albanians and Serbs, 13 years after the armed conflict.
thumbnailElection, runoff stir debate in Serbia
2012-05-12Serbia's presidential election runoff is scheduled for May 20th, although the current ruling party will likely remain in power. Bloggers debate the results of the election.
thumbnailSerbia aims to increase number of women in politics
2012-05-01Through new regulations, Serbia is trying to increase women's influence in political life.
thumbnailFiat production in Serbia fuels new questions
2012-05-01The factory in Kragujevac shifts into high gear, to turn out gleaming new Fiat 500Ls by fall.
thumbnailSerbian Prime Minister Djindjic's assassination still raising controversy
2012-03-26Serbia's former Red Berets are again under fire for Djindjic's murder.
thumbnailSerbia and the legacy of Milosevic
2012-03-13Former Yugoslav president Slobodan Milosevic died in The Hague tribunal detention unit on March 11th, 2006, and the Serbian public is still debating how far the state has moved away from his legacy, 12 years after the change of regime.
thumbnailSerbia gets green light for EU candidacy
2012-03-02EU leaders granted Serbia candidate status Thursday after the decision was postponed in December due to tensions in Kosovo.
thumbnailAgreement reached on Kosovo's regional representation
2012-02-25After marathon negotiations in Brussels, Belgrade and Pristina have agreed on Kosovo's regional representation, which could lead to further progress in the European integration of both sides.
thumbnailEU candidacy delay causes deep divisions in Serbia
2011-12-17A disappointed public and an emboldened opposition.
thumbnailSerbia awaits EU membership candidacy deliberation
2011-12-08Politicians say the country has met the conditions to receive an EU candidacy nomination, but many Serbs are wary of future conditions.
thumbnailInvestigating Serbia's fraud of the century
2011-10-11Seventeen suspects are detained in a fraud case of over 10m euros.
thumbnailSerbia: 11 years after Milosevic
2011-10-07Eleven years after the ousting of Milosevic, many in Serbia remain unhappy with the pace of reforms and quality of life.
thumbnailIs Kosovo an old-new condition for Serbia's EU candidacy?
2011-08-25The political responses are heated, yet opinions are divided whether Kosovo was, is and should be a criterion for EU membership.
Kostunica to be questioned about Djindjic assassination
2011-03-13BELGRADE, Serbia -- Former Prime Minister and Democratic Party of Serbia (DSS) leader Vojislav Kostunica on Saturday (March 12th) criticised plans to...
Serbian parties fail to agree on constitutional amendments
2011-01-16BELGRADE, Serbia -- Democratic Party of Serbia (DSS) leader Vojislav Kostunica said that the DSS and Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) have failed to a...
thumbnailMany Serbs expected to participate in Kosovo elections
2010-12-07Eight of the 29 tickets in Sunday's elections in Kosovo will represent the Serb community.
NS announces pre-election coalition with SNS in Serbia
2010-10-29BELGRADE, Serbia -- New Serbia (NS) leader Velimir Ilic announced on Thursday (October 28th) that his party will form a pre-election coalition with t...
thumbnailViolence in Serbia raises serious concerns
2010-10-14Clashes on the streets of Belgrade and rioting by Serbian football fans in Genoa, Italy have Serbian authorities deeply worried.
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Roma citizens reject radical Islamic groupsRoma citizens reject radical Islamic groups

Roma leaders emphasise the importance of protecting vulnerable citizens from the recruiting efforts of ISIL and other radical groups.

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