thumbnailEUFOR key to BiH's Euro-Atlantic membership
2014-12-10Officials agree on the importance of EUFOR's continued presence in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
thumbnailEU urges new BiH government to get to work on reforms, integration
2014-11-12The newly elected government is expected to focus on reforms and lead the country towards European integration.
thumbnailBiH lawmakers increase efforts against corruption
2014-06-23Under new legislation, anti-corruption and anti-crime institutions will be established in BiH.
thumbnailCitizens' plenums become voice of democracy in BiH
2014-03-05Tired of the poorly functioning political system in the country, citizens in BiH have taken a role in solving the crisis.
thumbnailLack of BiH judiciary reforms criticised
2013-12-09Although judicial reform in Bosnia and Herzegovina started in 2011, political pressure delayed the establishment of independent judicial institutions.
thumbnailMore victims put to rest at Srebrenica
2013-07-17This year, 409 victims were buried at the Srebrenica Memorial Centre in Potocari, among them a 2-day-old who was the youngest victim of the largest massacre in post-World War II Europe.
thumbnailInzko: International community needs to take action in BiH
2013-05-21According to BiH High Representative Valentin Inzko, the international community is the country's only hope.
thumbnailBiH political divisions spark call for international response
2012-12-04High Representative Valentin Inzko calls for greater attention from international community.
thumbnailBiH undergoes a political landscape change
2012-07-31The latest political crisis in FBiH threatens the country's economy.
thumbnailBiH marks independence, but not all celebrate
2012-03-03Bosnia and Herzegovina's Independence Day was not celebrated throughout the country.
thumbnail2011 Review: the Balkans
2012-01-04The handover of former Bosnian Serb military commander Ratko Mladic to the UN tribunal in The Hague was one of the most important events in the Balkans in 2011, a year which was also marked by violent clashes in Kosovo's volatile north.
thumbnailInzko's report causes angry reactions in BiH
2011-11-17A damning report on the situation in BiH caused many politicians to blame the international community -- and specifically the OHR – but analysts say BiH leaders also need to take responsibility.
thumbnailTurkey's foreign minister visits BiH, says forming government "vitally important"
2011-08-31Ahmet Davutoglu hammers home the message that forming a state government is crucial to continue both Euro-Atlantic integration and economic development.
thumbnailRS to pay for Mladic, Karadzic Hague legal defence
2011-06-28Emotions flare as Republika Srpska announces it will financially assist the legal defence of accused war crimes suspect Mladic and others charged by The Hague tribunal.
thumbnailUS official: Balkans' future is in Euro-Atlantic institutions
2011-06-23Visiting the Western Balkans, US State Department official Philip Gordon warned of unresolved political problems that impede progress.
thumbnailJudicial reform talks under way in BiH
2011-06-15The talks averted a potentially damaging showdown between the High Representative and RS.
thumbnailBloggers: Crisis defused in BiH but problems remain
2011-05-20Although a controversial referendum has been scrapped, agreement on a state-level government remains elusive.
Inzko reiterates vow to block referendum; Ashton visits Sarajevo
2011-05-13SARAJEVO, Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) -- High Representative Valentin Inzko reiterated on Thursday (May 12th) that if Republika Srpska (RS) does not...
Inzko calls for decisive response to RS referendum plans
2011-05-12WASHINGTON, United States -- High Representative Valentin Inzko insisted on Wednesday (May 11th) that the international community's response to Repub...
EU ready to discuss reforms in BiH's judiciary
2011-05-11SARAJEVO, Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) -- The EU would be willing to discuss judicial reforms in BiH if Republika Srpska (RS) postpones or revokes it...
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Armed forces train leaders for new global challengesArmed forces train leaders for new global challenges

The British Embassy in Macedonia held training for 30 high-ranking officials in the security sector.

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