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thumbnailGood governance in Romania includes civil society
2015-01-19NGOs have expertise to assist authorities in the battle against corruption, analysts say.
thumbnailRomanian leader focuses on corruption, strategic partnerships
2014-11-25Klaus Iohannis acted swiftly to clamp down on corruption, reassure allies.
thumbnailLaw to slow terrorists in Romania stirs privacy debate
2014-08-22Officials said 13 million pre-paid cards are used in Romania and, apart from terrorism, they can be misused in a wide range of illegal activities.
thumbnailSerbia's Ikarbus, Mercedes roll out bus
2014-03-12The new vehicles will be sold in Southeast Europe and cost 135,000 euros. Also in business news: Bulgaria will receive 127 million euros from the EU to help establish an e-governance programme.
thumbnailBalkan countries seek ways to boost economic ties with Turkey
2014-02-21Balkan countries call for Turkish investors to expand business and economic ties in a wide range of niche sectors that have untapped potential.
thumbnailCroatia, EU focus on youth unemployment
2014-02-12With the help of an EU programme, Croatia is tackling unemployment for citizens younger than 25. Also in business news: the 2014 Balkan Economic Summit was held in Bursa, Turkey, and Romania and Bulgaria saw an increase in exports last year.
thumbnailEU taking action against Croatia for deficit
2014-02-05Zagreb is facing a 2016 deadline from the EU to reduce its deficit to 3 percent of GDP. In other business news: Turkey is taking steps to strengthen its lira; Greek factory activity grows for the first time since 2009.
thumbnailChanges in Romania's criminal law alarm civil society
2013-12-27Secretly debated changes to Romania's Criminal Code pose a threat to democratic values in the country, the international community and experts warn.
thumbnailRomania and Macedonia to deepen relations
2013-12-16Macedonia seeks Romania's support to obtain an EU negotiation date and learn about Romania's experience in EU and NATO accession.
thumbnailGreece approves gas pipeline deal
2013-12-04Construction of the Trans Adriatic Pipeline is to begin in 2015. In other business news: Romania's president balks at a standby deal with the European Commission and the IMF.
thumbnailNATO anti-missile system in Romania to strengthen Europe's security
2013-11-14A NATO missile defence system in Romania will protect "allies in Europe from ballistic missiles launched from the Middle East," officials and experts say.
thumbnailBloggers warn about the influence on justice in Romania
2013-10-25Bloggers criticise a decision by Romania's general prosecutor to remove anti-corruption prosecutor Lucian Papici.
thumbnailCommunist-era prison commanders face charges
2013-09-24Romania's government calls for sanctions against the former communist prison commanders.
thumbnailRomanians debate proposed draft constitution
2013-07-20Critics say the proposal makes parliament an all-powerful body that violates separation of powers and undermines democratic principles.
thumbnailRomanians question Adrian Nastase's political future
2013-03-30Opinions differ on whether the former prime minister should return to politics after serving his prison term for corruption.
thumbnailRomania, BiH boost co-operation
2013-03-27Infrastructure, tourism and energy projects are on the agenda of the two countries. Also in business news: Albania's parliament approved the intergovernmental agreement on the Trans Adriatic Pipeline.
thumbnailRomanian MPs immunity under debate
2013-03-08The new parliamentary majority's quest for expanded immunity is drawing concern in Romania and abroad.
thumbnailLess is more in Romania's parliament, many say
2013-02-09Bloggers discuss the new electoral system.
thumbnailIn Romania, rivals promise to co-operate
2013-01-09With a new government installed in Bucharest, many wonder if the political turmoil is over.
thumbnailRegion expects for achievements and challenges in 2013
2012-12-31The countries in Southeast Europe will undergo effervescent political, economical and social events in the year ahead.
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Armed forces train leaders for new global challengesArmed forces train leaders for new global challenges

The British Embassy in Macedonia held training for 30 high-ranking officials in the security sector.

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