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thumbnailBelgrade continues on EU path following Putin's visit
2014-10-24Experts said Belgrade evaded Russian pressure to exercise greater sway in Serbia.
thumbnailRegional countries join hands to resolve missing persons issue
2014-09-19The leaders of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Croatia and Montenegro work together to resolve the issue of missing persons.
thumbnailEU helps Serbia and BIH in flood recovery
2014-08-06Assistance from the international community improves bilateral relations, regional co-operation and the EU integration process.
thumbnailSerbia hoping new police leadership will reduce corruption
2014-07-01The government said it is dissatisfied with the results of the fight against organised crime.
thumbnailFloods spark regional co-operation, co-existence
2014-05-30The unity that came during the recent natural disaster shows that co-operation and co-existence are possible in the former Yugoslavia, bloggers and citizens say.
thumbnailA debate on the future Kosovo army
2014-05-09Opinions are divided whether to transform the existing Kosovo Security Force (KSF) into an army.
thumbnailUnder Vucic, Serbia to focus on EU and reforms
2014-04-24Aleksandar Vucic said his cabinet's priorities will be the continuation of European integration and judicial and economic reforms.
thumbnailSerbia's early elections draw mixed reviews
2014-02-03Opinions are divided on how Serbia's early parliamentary elections will affect the country's EU accession pace, implementation of reforms and negotiations with Kosovo.
thumbnailJosipovic and Nikolic discuss dropping genocide lawsuits
2013-10-25The first meeting of the two presidents is seen as a significant step for building better relations.
thumbnailDespite ban, Belgrade citizens march for LGBT rights
2013-10-03A peaceful walk for equal rights replaces the controversial Pride Parade in Serbia.
thumbnailRanking gives high marks to Macedonia, Albania
2013-09-25Setting up a business takes less than a week in some parts of southeast Europe, according to World Economic Forum research. Also in business news: Serbia and Bulgaria pledge to improve co-operation.
thumbnailReshuffled Serbian government faces divided expectations
2013-09-09After a debate that took several months, Serbia has reshuffled its government and analysts expect different things from the new ministers.
thumbnailEC approves Croatia's investment plan
2013-08-28Croatia plans to develop jobs and economic competitiveness. Also in business news: Greece puts thousands of state workers on "labour reserve" while implementing austerity measures.
thumbnailSerbia, Hungary take steps toward national reconciliation
2013-07-13A declaration by the Serbian parliament and a dedication of monuments acknowledges World War II-era killings in Vojvodina, paving the way for improved relations.
thumbnailNikolic's Croatia visit will help repair relations, analysts say
2013-07-12Serbia President Tomislav Nikolic's recent visit to Croatia is expected to help improve relations between the two countries and regional stability.
thumbnailSerbia's Nikolic praised for first-year achievements
2013-06-28Analysts say that in his first year in office, the Serbian president addressed important areas of governance.
thumbnailTurkey, Serbia and BiH expand economic and political co-operation
2013-05-22Turkey, Serbia and BiH are building on political and economic relations to expand peace, stability and co-operation in the Balkans.
thumbnailAfter UN debate, questions persist about tribunal's role
2013-05-03Reactions to the tribunal's impact are mixed across the region.
thumbnailAnalysts say Nikolic's Srebrenica apology is significant
2013-04-29Serbia's president is 'on his knees' seeking forgiveness for Serbia for deaths at Srebrenica.
thumbnailSerbia is on the right track, experts say
2013-02-22Belgrade is making progress on the country's most significant challenges.
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Serbia works to improve its anti-terrorism capabilitiesSerbia works to improve its anti-terrorism capabilities

Serbia is increasing efforts to fight terrorism, which is crucial for citizens' safety, EU integration and resistance to ISIL, experts and officials say.

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