thumbnailSerbia hails 'new beginning' with start of EU talks
2013-12-23EU membership negotiations with Serbia start January 21st, but the question of Kosovo still remains.
thumbnailPristina, Belgrade agreement could boost vote
2013-10-16Agreement is expected to help draw more Kosovo Serbs to the polls on November 3rd.
thumbnailKosovo-Serbia accord seen as an opportunity for progress
2013-04-22The agreement is heralded as a triumph by the EU and the international community.
thumbnailKosovo, Serbia presidents' meeting heralded as a step forward
2013-02-14Experts said the meeting between the two presidents signals a constructive atmosphere for the normalisation of relations.
thumbnailSerb, Kosovo leaders to address north status
2013-02-09According to the EU, a continued dialogue between Pristina and Belgrade is the only way to normalise Kosovo and Serbia relations.
thumbnailBelgrade, Pristina resume technical dialogue
2011-11-23Negotiators returned to the bargaining table this week in Brussels, seven weeks after violence at a border crossing halted the process.
thumbnailAgreement reached on Kosovo Customs stamp
2011-09-03An agreement is reached on the Kosovo Customs stamp, but implementation may be a hurdle.
thumbnailBelgrade urges dialogue in Kosovo crisis
2011-07-27A crisis at border crossings puts further Pristina-Belgrade talks into question.
thumbnailBelgrade, Pristina agree on freedom of movement
2011-07-04The Belgrade and Pristina negotiating teams in Brussels drafted agreements on freedom of movement and birth records.
Serbia's Sutanovac calls for end to mandatory military service
2010-12-03BELGRADE, Serbia -- Defence Minister Dragan Sutanovac urged lawmakers Thursday (December 2nd) to support a proposal that would end obligatory militar...
thumbnailIn Serbia, ire over war crimes resolutions
2010-05-24Parliament's move to acknowledge the Srebrenica massacre has angered Serb war victims' groups.
thumbnailSerbian parliament condemns Srebrenica atrocities
2010-04-01The EU hails a Serbian declaration condemning atrocities committed by the Bosnian Serbs in 1995. But the resolution omits the word genocide.
thumbnailKosovo Serbs convene parliament; Pristina, international authorities object
2008-06-30Kosovo Serbs defiantly formed their own parallel parliament in Kosovo at the weekend, but the parties that will spearhead the new government -- the Democratic Party and G17 Plus -- did not participate in the inaugural assembly.
thumbnailTensions simmer as Kosovo's constitution goes into effect
2008-06-16"All institutions in Kosovo from today will function in accordance with our constitution. This will be beyond doubt," said Prime Minister Hashim Thaci.
Kosovo Serb parliament to be formed on June 15th
2008-06-09PRISTINA, Kosovo -- Kosovo Serbs announced Friday (June 6th) in Mitrovica the establishment of a parallel parliament at the state level in Kosovo, ba...
Solana: EU is working to resolve obstacles to EULEX deployment
2008-05-27PRISTINA, Kosovo -- EU foreign policy chief Javier Solana said the Union is working to overcome obstacles to the planned deployment of the EU police...
Belgrade insists on validity of Kosovo Serb leaders elected on May 11th
2008-05-20BELGRADE, Serbia -- Local assemblies will be the highest authorities in the 25 municipalities in which Kosovo Serbs voted during Serbia's May 11th el...
thumbnailSerbia ignores UN objections to holding local elections in Kosovo
2008-04-15Serbia's elections commission published a decree Monday, indicating that Belgrade is planning to brush aside UNMIK's opposition and hold local elections in Kosovo.
UNMIK says local elections in Kosovo fall under its jurisdiction
2008-04-07PRISTINA, Kosovo -- UNMIK chief Joachim Ruecker says he hopes Belgrade will not try to organise municipal elections in Kosovo next month, since Serbi...
thumbnailUNMIK says Serbian police in Kosovo illegally
2008-04-03Pristina and UNMIK officials have accused Serbia of having police forces in Kosovo illegally, but Serbia's president and prime minister adamantly dismiss the accusations.
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Armed forces train leaders for new global challengesArmed forces train leaders for new global challenges

The British Embassy in Macedonia held training for 30 high-ranking officials in the security sector.

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