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thumbnailSerbia's early elections draw mixed reviews
2014-02-03Opinions are divided on how Serbia's early parliamentary elections will affect the country's EU accession pace, implementation of reforms and negotiations with Kosovo.
thumbnailSerbia focuses on judicial reform after starting EU talks
2014-01-27A newly implemented court network will improve the pace of judicial proceedings by spreading cases more evenly among judges, experts say.
thumbnailRegional youths promote co-operation for a joint future
2013-10-22A documentary film starring six youths from the region shows the power of understanding and tolerance.
thumbnailHague tribunal convict to be freed
2013-08-31Momcilo Krajisnik proposed he be freed to serve in the reconciliation process in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
thumbnailSerbian religious experts advise continued diligence to avoid conflicts
2013-08-12Analysts say extremism can be avoided by improving the inter-religious dialogue and by remaining mindful of societal factors that often lead to conflict.
thumbnailBalkans split on Erdogan's response to protests
2013-07-05The prime minister greeted the Balkans in a recent speech, but not everyone was flattered.
thumbnailBalasevic unites fans across ethnic divides
2013-06-13Bridging generational, ethnic and political divides, singer Djordje Balasevic brings fans in the former Yugoslav countries together.
thumbnailChurch dignitaries face criticism after remarks
2013-05-15Some Serbian priests joined north Kosovo Serbs in a protest last week.
thumbnailHague conviction sparks mixed reactions
2013-04-01The most recent ICTY war crimes judgement points to Serbia's involvement in the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
thumbnailSerbian tycoon's business dealings under scrutiny
2013-01-04Regional countries are asking Serbian authorities to broaden their investigation into tycoon Miodrag Miskovic.
thumbnailTycoon's arrest encourages Serbian public
2012-12-22Bloggers are relieved that the government is finally tackling shady privatisations, which they perceive as the root of organised crime.
thumbnailSerbian group shuns nationalism for reconciliation
2012-12-14As nationalism rises in Serbia, a group of activists remember those slain with a message of empathy and co-operation.
thumbnailSerbia tycoon arrested on corruption charge
2012-12-13Serbian police arrested one of the wealthiest people in Serbia, Miroslav Miskovic, on suspicion of manipulation during the privatisation of road companies.
thumbnailBalkan tragedies could be repeated in Syria, Erdogan warns
2012-10-17Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, in a speech, describes the UN Security Council's stance on strife in neighbouring Syria as "negligence."
thumbnailPossible return of Milosevic's family to Serbia causes a stir
2012-10-06While some consider former Serbia President Slobodan Milosevic a defender and his family unjustly exiled, most bloggers said they wish the family would stay away.
thumbnailMontenegrins debate political offer for October election
2012-09-22Many view the election as a government-opposition dance which benefits the political parties rather than citizens, but some are hopeful of positive changes.
thumbnailActivists take Share Conference to the Middle East
2012-09-03The biggest activist event in the Balkans will soon host its first conference on Internet activism in Lebanon.
thumbnailSerbian new opposition faces crisis
2012-08-25A split in the Democratic Party poses questions whether Serbia's new opposition can act without reforming itself.
thumbnailSerbian government aims to take on social responsibility
2012-08-14While new social measures are in the making in Serbia, citizens' reactions are divided.
thumbnailSerbia's Exit festival retains its activist roots
2012-08-03While Exit is largely known as a four-day music festival, it also retains its activist roots and continues to promote progressive ideas.
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Roma citizens reject radical Islamic groupsRoma citizens reject radical Islamic groups

Roma leaders emphasise the importance of protecting vulnerable citizens from the recruiting efforts of ISIL and other radical groups.

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Is co-operation between regional countries adequate to counter efforts by extremists to join violent organisations?

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