Ratko Mladic

thumbnailBiH war crimes arrests lauded by ICTY
2014-09-05ICTY chief prosecutor Serge Brammertz said the country's progress in dealing with war criminals is evident.
thumbnailSrebrenica relatives pleased with Dutch verdict, but not satisfied
2014-07-21Some believe that the verdict is the first step in exposing the truth about what happened in Srebrenica in 1995.
thumbnailVictim's families laud Tolimir sentence
2012-12-20The Hague tribunal ruled that Zdravko Tolimir participated in the 1995 Srebrenica genocide.
thumbnailRegion mulls impact of Gotovina acquittal
2012-11-20The surprise acquittal of two former Croatian generals in The Hague raises questions on the potential impact on other trials.
thumbnailBalkan tragedies could be repeated in Syria, Erdogan warns
2012-10-17Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, in a speech, describes the UN Security Council's stance on strife in neighbouring Syria as "negligence."
thumbnailRenaming streets an issue in Macedonia, region
2012-08-30Some municipalities are renaming of streets, squares, schools and bridges to recognise national or ethnic heroes, but the proposals sometimes spark debate.
thumbnailSrebrenica's victims still a target of political manipulation
2012-07-12Organisers did not permit politicians to hold speeches at the 2012 Srebrenica Commemoration.
thumbnailSerbia's Nikolic gets his first critics from BiH
2012-06-05There was no genocide in Srebrenica, Serbia President Tolmislav Nikolic says, and he will not attend the annual commemoration for the victims.
thumbnailRegional human rights violations raise concerns
2012-05-30Human rights violations have taken a wide range, from inter-ethnic tension to domestic violence.
thumbnailMladic trial may be delayed for months
2012-05-21After prosecutors failed to disclose thousands of pages of evidence to the Mladic defence team, a judge suspended the trial.
thumbnailBiH plans local elections despite EU, CoE warnings
2012-05-21Who has the right to vote and hold office is a central issue, especially in the Srebrenica elections.
thumbnailElection, runoff stir debate in Serbia
2012-05-12Serbia's presidential election runoff is scheduled for May 20th, although the current ruling party will likely remain in power. Bloggers debate the results of the election.
thumbnailRegion faces long road in prosecuting war crimes
2012-04-26Only about 20% of war crimes have been prosecuted by various domestic courts.
thumbnail2011 Review: the Balkans
2012-01-04The handover of former Bosnian Serb military commander Ratko Mladic to the UN tribunal in The Hague was one of the most important events in the Balkans in 2011, a year which was also marked by violent clashes in Kosovo's volatile north.
thumbnailMladic supporters face new trial
2011-12-29Ratko Mladic will testify via video at the trial of those accused of helping him elude capture.
thumbnailHague tribunal's Brammertz delivers critical report at the UN
2011-12-12The chief prosecutor reminded Serbia of unfinished business with the court, blasted Croatia for criticising the tribunal and scolded Bosnia and Herzegovina for the escape of an indictee.
thumbnailSerbia awaits EU membership candidacy deliberation
2011-12-08Politicians say the country has met the conditions to receive an EU candidacy nomination, but many Serbs are wary of future conditions.
thumbnailWestern Balkan wounds are not yet healed
2011-11-04SETimes speaks to the Igman Initiative's Alexander Popov about the legacy of conflict.
thumbnailCedomir Jovanovic: dialogue with Kosovo must continue
2011-10-03The LDP leader calls for a change in official policy.
thumbnailSerbia to probe war criminal networks
2011-09-23The government launches an inquiry into how top war crimes indictees such as Ratko Mladic managed to elude justice for so long.
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