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thumbnailSerbs in Crimea send 'false message,' experts and citizens say
2014-03-24A group of extremists who have joined the Russian paramilitary forces in Crimea do not represent the state, experts tell SETimes.
thumbnailBalkan countries create deterrent for citizens fighting in Syria
2014-01-21The return of radicalised fighters from Syria and the threat of new recruits have prompted amendments and new laws in at least three countries.
thumbnailSerbia's ICTY co-operation removes EU accession obstacle
2013-12-17ICTY Chief Prosecutor Serge Brammertz delivered a positive assessment of Serbia's co-operation with the tribunal, opening the doors of European integration to Belgrade.
thumbnailSerbia, Croatia prepare for genocide trial
2013-12-10Two decades after the regional conflicts, Croatia and Serbia are asking the Hague International Court of Justice to answer the question: Who is to blame for all the suffering and destruction?
thumbnailTelekom Srbija privatisation gets interest from Turkey
2013-08-21Companies also are looking at investments in energy, infrastructure, housing, retail and hotels. Also in business news: Kosovo seeks to join the Trans-Adriatic Pipeline.
thumbnailBiH, Serbia working on trade issues with Croatia
2013-08-15EU proposes that Croatia, Serbia and BiH continue "traditional trade flows."
thumbnailStudy seeks accountability from Serbian officials
2013-08-01A Belgrade research organisation examines the government's words and actions during its first year in office.
thumbnailBorder agreement adds to Kosovo coffers
2013-07-26Kosovo has lost millions of euros in the last 10 years because of not being able to collect border police insurance and taxes on goods entering its border crossings with Serbia.
thumbnailTurkey, Serbia and BiH expand economic and political co-operation
2013-05-22Turkey, Serbia and BiH are building on political and economic relations to expand peace, stability and co-operation in the Balkans.
thumbnailCoca-Cola sets up operations in Bulgaria
2013-04-17The soft drink company's move will employ 150. Also in business news: Vodaphone will transfer its main regional operations to Romania, and Serbia, BiH and Turkey plan to boost economic co-operation.
thumbnailSerbia is on the right track, experts say
2013-02-22Belgrade is making progress on the country's most significant challenges.
thumbnailBalkan parties struggle with multi-ethnic membership
2012-12-03Single ethnicity parties dominate the Balkan political scene, representing a history of inter-ethnic conflicts that left behind a lack of trust between different groups.
thumbnailKosovo and Serbia turn attention to energy
2012-12-01Pristina seeks an agreement on control of energy assets in northern Kosovo.
thumbnailEnding corruption would help Serbia's economy
2012-11-26Experts believe that Belgrade would be more attractive to foreign investors if corruption is reduced.
thumbnailCroatia celebrates war crimes verdict; Serbia stunned
2012-11-16Generals Ante Gotovina and Mladen Markac were convicted in 2010 for their roles in the 1995 Operation Storm.
thumbnailMakeshift alliances threaten to derail democracy
2012-08-14The political landscape in many countries in Southeast Europe is weak, and voters cease to be parties' main concern.
thumbnailSerbian government aims to take on social responsibility
2012-08-14While new social measures are in the making in Serbia, citizens' reactions are divided.
thumbnailSerbian MPs alliance moves spark debate
2012-08-10The transfer of Serbian MPs from the opposition into ruling caucuses is nothing new, but in the current parliament convocation entire parties have switched sides.
thumbnailCritics, supporters still debating Nikolic's victory
2012-06-02More than a week since his victory, Serbia President-elect Tomislav Nikolic is still sparking controversial views.
thumbnailBiH weighs prospects of formally recognising Kosovo
2012-05-12Some argue that recognising Kosovo's independence would bring political and economic stability to the region, but Bosnian Serbs remain resistant.


Region taking stand against corruption in footballRegion taking stand against corruption in football

After years riddled with scandal, officials are taking steps to end corruption and crime in football.

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