Radovan Karadzic

thumbnailKaradzic verdict could be turning point in BiH
2014-10-22Experts and officials said that the Karadzic verdict could help unify BiH.
thumbnailBiH war crimes arrests lauded by ICTY
2014-09-05ICTY chief prosecutor Serge Brammertz said the country's progress in dealing with war criminals is evident.
thumbnailSrebrenica relatives pleased with Dutch verdict, but not satisfied
2014-07-21Some believe that the verdict is the first step in exposing the truth about what happened in Srebrenica in 1995.
thumbnailHague tribunal convict to be freed
2013-08-31Momcilo Krajisnik proposed he be freed to serve in the reconciliation process in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
thumbnailKaradzic will still stand trial for genocide
2013-07-15The Hague tribunal's appeals chamber reverses Radovan Karadzic's acquittal on genocide charges, renewing the debate over the ICTY.
thumbnailRS should focus on solving problems, politicians say
2013-05-03The majority of BiH citizens agree that more political instability would follow RS independence.
thumbnailEurope prolongs threat of Bosnian sanctions
2013-03-25EU seeks to convince BiH leaders to implement reforms.
thumbnailVictim's families laud Tolimir sentence
2012-12-20The Hague tribunal ruled that Zdravko Tolimir participated in the 1995 Srebrenica genocide.
thumbnailBiH political divisions spark call for international response
2012-12-04High Representative Valentin Inzko calls for greater attention from international community.
thumbnailRegion mulls impact of Gotovina acquittal
2012-11-20The surprise acquittal of two former Croatian generals in The Hague raises questions on the potential impact on other trials.
thumbnailRS independence talk is just talk, analysts say
2012-10-02The Republika Srpska ruling party's talk of independence during the election campaign is meant to stir up sentiments.
thumbnailICTY decision on Karadzic sparks division in BiH
2012-07-07The tribunal in The Hague acquitted Karadzic of one count of genocide.
thumbnailSerbia's Nikolic gets his first critics from BiH
2012-06-05There was no genocide in Srebrenica, Serbia President Tolmislav Nikolic says, and he will not attend the annual commemoration for the victims.
thumbnailHague tribunal's Brammertz delivers critical report at the UN
2011-12-12The chief prosecutor reminded Serbia of unfinished business with the court, blasted Croatia for criticising the tribunal and scolded Bosnia and Herzegovina for the escape of an indictee.
thumbnailICTY prosecutors ask to split Mladic trial
2011-08-18If UN judges approve splitting-up the war crimes case against Ratko Mladic, his first trial could begin as early as January 2012.
thumbnailRatko Mladic vs. The Hague
2011-07-16The tribunal seeks an effective way to conduct the trial in the face of obstruction.
Hague prosecutors consider combining Karadzic, Mladic trials
2011-05-31THE HAGUE, The Netherlands -- The Hague tribunal prosecutor's office is mulling whether to combine the trial of former Bosnian Serb military commande...
thumbnailMladic supporters clash with police
2011-05-30Clashes between police and far right-wing nationalists resulted in several dozen injuries Sunday.
thumbnailIn BiH, strong emotions and unhealed wounds
2011-05-27Deep divisions remain where Ratko Mladic is believed to have authorised some of the worst atrocities in post-WWII Europe.
thumbnailRatko Mladic: warlord turned fugitive
2011-05-26The former general stands accused of complicity in some of the worst atrocities of the Balkan conflicts.
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