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thumbnailRerun of Kosovo election in the north passes without incident
2013-11-20Officials expressed satisfaction at the peaceful outcome, two weeks after thieves disrupted the vote by stealing ballot boxes.
thumbnailPrime minister says Kosovo elections are a success
2013-11-05The vote was the first held over the entire territory of Kosovo since the country declared its independence in 2008.
thumbnailAgreement paves way for Kosovo Serbs to participate in elections
2013-09-11Having reached agreement on the look of the ballots for the November 3rd Kosovo elections, the Kosovo Serbs submitted a single election ticket named "Serbia."
thumbnailKosovo's elections prove to be a challenge to both sides
2013-08-19A successful election will bring an end to the parallel institutions operated by Belgrade in northern Kosovo since Pristina broke away from Serbia five years ago.
thumbnailBelgrade does not support interim Kosovo Serb assembly
2013-07-20Serbian officials say the formation of an interim assembly of Kosovo Serbs is not in compliance with the Brussels agreement.
thumbnailAmnesty law necessary for Belgrade-Pristina agreement
2013-06-18Kosovo's parliament needs to pass the amnesty law before the Belgrade-Pristina agreement can be implemented, Serbia officials said.
thumbnailKosovo Serbs worried about their future, but determined
2013-04-09Many Kosovo Serbs say they are determined not to align with Pristina.
thumbnailAnalysts: Kosovo Serbs need to participate in talks
2013-04-02The lack of transparency in the Pristina-Belgrade negotiations could lead to a further divide, analysts said.
thumbnailKosovo, Serbia presidents' meeting heralded as a step forward
2013-02-14Experts said the meeting between the two presidents signals a constructive atmosphere for the normalisation of relations.
thumbnailSerb, Kosovo leaders to address north status
2013-02-09According to the EU, a continued dialogue between Pristina and Belgrade is the only way to normalise Kosovo and Serbia relations.
thumbnailRemoval of memorial sparks protests, incidents
2013-01-22The removal of the memorial for fighters of the Liberation Army for Presevo, Medvedjo and Bujanovac has prompted calls to the international community to prevent discrimination.
thumbnailAnalysts: Serbia, Kosovo far from compromise
2012-08-27Last week's session of the UN Security Council on Kosovo failed to bring an agreement, and some analysts said they don't expect anything to happen in the near future.
thumbnailKosovo plans to privatise in the north anger Serbs
2012-08-25According to Kosovo law, all enterprises in the country that have been registered as socially-owned since March 1989 are under its responsibility.
thumbnailDespite unresolved borders, Balkan countries can enter EU
2012-07-30Croatia has a number of border disputes with BiH, Montenegro, Serbia.
thumbnailKosovo office in northern Mitrovica causes controversy
2012-07-19Touted as a step toward decentralisation and a separate municipality, the office is scorned by Serbia and Kosovo Serbs.
thumbnailEnd of ICO brings mixed reactions
2012-07-05The end of the International Civilian Office may push talks on Kosovo's north.
thumbnailICO exit from Kosovo is a step towards integration
2012-06-15As the International Civilian Office pulls out of Kosovo, a message of success and co-operation resounds, but Serbs said it could hinder the dialogue process.
thumbnailEU extends rule of law mission in Kosovo, despite critics
2012-06-14A 25% staff reduction in the EULEX mission takes place this week after the mandate is extended by two years.
thumbnailKosovo launches truth and reconciliation initiative
2012-06-02The Kosovo government has opened a broad dialogue aiming to address war atrocities and reach reconciliation between Albanians and Serbs, 13 years after the armed conflict.
thumbnailAs Nikolic takes office, a clash on the border
2012-06-01KFOR authorities remove a barricade at Rudare.
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