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thumbnailCroatia to assist Macedonia's EU integration
2014-09-17The two countries will develop twinning projects through which Croatian experts will help Macedonia navigate EU integration.
thumbnailEU, region to work together towards accession
2014-09-08The recent EU conference in Berlin showed that the Union will work to get the Balkans as part of Europe, officials said.
thumbnailMacedonia hopes for calm after days of protests, riots
2014-07-10A Skopje court sentenced six people for 2012 murders that officials say were committed to put ethnic Macedonians and Albanians in conflict.
thumbnailMacedonia and Turkey increasing trade ties
2014-02-06Experts said there is an untapped potential to further economic co-operation between the two countries.
thumbnailMacedonia helps retiring soldiers make transition to public sector
2014-02-03A new government measure enables professional soldiers to work in public institutions after they retire from the military.
thumbnailMacedonia secures new investments and infrastructure projects
2014-01-27The new foreign investments and upgraded transportation infrastructure will help the country's EU integration, experts say.
thumbnailSome governments creating more transparent public sectors
2013-12-10Local and EU-sponsored initiatives ensure greater public sector transparency and accountability.
thumbnailMacedonia and Albania look toward a promising future
2013-11-25Analysts say the new Albanian government will benefit the relationship between Skopje and Tirana.
thumbnailWestern Balkan countries' progress is praised by EU
2013-10-21The latest EU reports praise the western Balkan countries' progress towards European integration, while noting remaining challenges in rule of law, economy and media.
thumbnailSecurity should be addressed after Macedonia espionage sting, expert says
2013-09-27Police uncovered a trove of information collected by a spy ring that allegedly sold classified documents and collected information to blackmail public officials.
thumbnailSkopje, Pristina officials work to resolve trade dispute
2013-09-14Analysts agree that damages can be huge for both countries due to the trade embargo.
thumbnailMacedonia will reap benefits of joining South Stream
2013-08-09Lower gas prices and a more dependable supply are expected to translate into a more economically prosperous Macedonia, which will more readily be able to tackle Euro-Atlantic integration.
thumbnailMacedonia-Bulgaria meeting advances relations
2013-08-07Political differences, however, are yet to be worked out.
thumbnailCroatian made smartphone hits stores
2013-07-31The mobile device runs on the Android operating system and costs 66 euros. Also in business news: electricity prices in Bulgaria will drop by 5 percent.
thumbnailLGBT attacks in Macedonia alarm human rights' defenders
2013-07-17Human rights' defenders urge Macedonia's government to condemn violence against sexual minorities and ask for legislative changes to protect the LGBT community.
thumbnailMacedonia, Serbia step forward in co-operation
2013-06-11The two Balkan countries are making progress in strengthening bilateral relations and advancing co-operation.
thumbnailSelf-employment incentives in Macedonia show results
2013-06-08Bloggers debate what can motivate the unemployed to start their own businesses.
thumbnailOfficials disappointed in Islamic community's boycott
2013-05-16Despite calls for tolerance and co-operation, the Islamic Religious Community boycotted the recent world religious conference.
thumbnailSerbia, Turkey talk tractors
2013-04-24A Serbian company will provide Turkey's Tomosan with tractor parts through 2016. Also in business news: Albania, Greece and Italy have established a committee tasked with overseeing their parts in the Trans Adriatic Pipeline project.
thumbnailWar criminal's release provides closure for Macedonia
2013-04-20Convicted war criminal Johan Tarculovski returns home to a hero's welcome.
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NATO co-operation is crucial for Serbia, regionNATO co-operation is crucial for Serbia, region

By co-operating with NATO, Serbia will see improvement in its defence system and security sector reforms, officials and experts said.

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