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thumbnailOHR calls for Republika Srpska to solve residency issue
2014-07-25The entity plans to create its own residency law in advance of the October general elections, although similar legislation is stalled in the state-level parliament.
thumbnailUkraine crisis spurs Balkan countries to co-operate
2014-03-26Regional countries sign agreements and plan joint projects to improve security and mutual trust.
thumbnailEU urges politicians to listen to BiH citizens
2014-02-13Citizens want governments composed of expert, non-political, uncompromised members.
thumbnailKosovo implements visa regime for BiH
2014-01-24Kosovo introduced entry visas for citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina this month.
thumbnailBiH minister's dismissal concerns bloggers, experts
2013-11-01A new political twist in BiH could further delay the country's EU bid.
thumbnailExperts concerned over lawsuits against media
2013-10-30A growing number of lawsuits against the media and journalists could slow media freedom, a central requirement for EU accession, experts say.
thumbnailInzko: International community needs to take action in BiH
2013-05-21According to BiH High Representative Valentin Inzko, the international community is the country's only hope.
thumbnailRS should focus on solving problems, politicians say
2013-05-03The majority of BiH citizens agree that more political instability would follow RS independence.
thumbnailNew regional governments urged to take economic action
2013-03-25Citizens and analysts want changes and solutions to economic problems from new governments.
thumbnailForeign investors express interest in BiH economy
2013-02-27Investors from Azerbaijan expect to sign several business agreements with BiH in the coming few months.
thumbnailBiH political divisions spark call for international response
2012-12-04High Representative Valentin Inzko calls for greater attention from international community.
thumbnailBalkan parties struggle with multi-ethnic membership
2012-12-03Single ethnicity parties dominate the Balkan political scene, representing a history of inter-ethnic conflicts that left behind a lack of trust between different groups.
thumbnailNikolic's rhetoric could damage regional relations, analysts say
2012-11-06Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic upset some with his assessment that "Bosnia is slowly disappearing."
thumbnailSerbian patriarch's residency renovation raises eyebrows
2012-11-03Bloggers protest the decision to spend 800,000 euros to renovate the patriarch's residence, much of it from a donation by Milorad Dodik on behalf of Republika Srpska's government.
thumbnailBiH divided over abolishing armed forces
2012-10-20A proposal by the president of Republika Srpska claims that the armed forces are too costly and don't produce results.
thumbnailDodik's SNSD loses in BiH local elections
2012-10-08RS President Milorad Dodik's SNSD lost its control in most of municipalities, while SDA won the majority of votes.
thumbnailMillions of homes in the region not legalised
2012-09-26Greece has the highest amount of illegal homes in the Balkans. Also in business news: Turkey may sell part of Turk Telecom, and Cyprus approved the country's 2013 budget.
thumbnailBiH politicians have an opportunity in elections
2012-09-08Elections in October are an opportunity to reassemble the pieces of the fragmented political puzzle in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
thumbnailBan's visit to Srebrenica sparks debate
2012-07-27Ban said that the UN did not fulfill its responsibility by failing to prevent the Srebrenica genocide.
thumbnailJournalism in the region under pressure
2012-07-14As media owners' and politicians' ethics are called into question, journalists attempt to maintain professional standards.
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Armed forces train leaders for new global challengesArmed forces train leaders for new global challenges

The British Embassy in Macedonia held training for 30 high-ranking officials in the security sector.

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