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thumbnailGreeks seek stability ahead of presidential election
2014-11-04Experts warn an ongoing political battle may bring down the government and threaten Greece's economic recovery.
thumbnailGreece and Albania willing to agree on maritime border
2013-12-18Signing a border demarcation agreement is in the interest of both countries and peoples, officials said.
thumbnailMacedonia, Kosovo join to boost tourism
2013-06-26The countries will create joint tourism projects and penetrate foreign markets. Also in business news: the EU's Economic and Financial Affairs Council closed the excessive deficit procedures against Romania.
thumbnailExpectations low ahead of EU 'crisis' summit
2012-06-27Ways to resolve the eurozone crisis will dominate discussions again at the EU leaders' regular two-day summit, opening in Brussels on Thursday.
thumbnailTurkey advocates for Macedonia to join NATO
2012-05-18Turkey hopes to make a case for Macedonia's application to NATO at next week's summit.
thumbnailGreece gets caretaker government ahead of elections
2012-05-17Amid worries that a second round of voting will also end in deadlock, Greeks are withdrawing savings from local banks.
thumbnailStill no government for Greece as eurozone exit fears mount
2012-05-14President Karolos Papoulias can't get a coalition deal, prompting preparations for new elections.
thumbnailGreek coalition hopes fade, new elections loom
2012-05-11Political parties can’t untie the Gordian Knot of austerity while the eurozone frets.
thumbnailFearing protests, Greece bans citizens from parade
2012-03-26Athens' Independence Day parade is turned into a private event for political leaders due to worries of anti-austerity demonstrations.
thumbnailAnti-bailout fury splinters Greece as elections approach
2012-03-13The country's two-party rule is in jeopardy, but no matter who wins, Greeks may still find no change at the top.
thumbnailGreece, Germany in a war of words over austerity
2012-02-21The old foes -- who are now EU allies -- are bickering over who is to blame for Greece's economic crisis.
thumbnailRight-wing partner in new Greek government raises eyebrows
2011-11-22The small right-wing LAOS party, often accused of extremism, joined Greece's ruling coalition.
thumbnailPapandreou survives vote, uncertain coalition pending
2011-11-05Delivering a plea to keep international aid coming -- and a blistering attack on his rivals -- Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou survived a close vote of confidence.
thumbnailOn WWII anniversary, Greeks say "No" again
2011-10-31Greeks are standing up to their government against what they perceive as sacrificing the country's sovereignty to foreign lenders.
Greek leaders fail to reach consensus on new austerity measures
2011-05-29ATHENS, Greece -- Prime Minister George Papandreou failed to convince the leaders of the opposition Friday (May 27th) to support his government's aus...
Thousands protest austerity measures in Athens
2011-05-27ATHENS, Greece -- Over 5,000 people gathered in central Athens on Thursday (May 26th) in a second day of protest against austerity measures imposed b...
thumbnailMedieval tower symbolises Serbian-Greek friendship
2011-05-02The newly renovated Nebojsa Tower in Belgrade is a symbol of Balkan solidarity.
EU's van Rompuy visits Athens
2011-04-12ATHENS, Greece -- EU President Herman van Rompuy arrives in Athens on Tuesday (April 12th) for talks with President Karolos Papoulias and Prime Minis...
Greece to be first European country to receive Azeri gas directly
2011-04-07BAKU, Azerbaijan -- A senior Azeri energy official said on Wednesday (April 6th) that Greece will be the first European country to which Azerbaijani...
Turks, Cypriots protest Turkey's plans to build nuclear plants
2011-03-21ANKARA, Turkey/NICOSIA, Cyprus -- Hundreds of activists in Turkey and Cyprus attended demonstrations Saturday (March 19th) against Ankara's plans to...
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Armed forces train leaders for new global challengesArmed forces train leaders for new global challenges

The British Embassy in Macedonia held training for 30 high-ranking officials in the security sector.

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