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thumbnailBelgrade-Pristina talks set to resume
2015-01-29After a break of several months, the talks between Belgrade and Pristina will continue at the highest level.
thumbnailSanctions against Russia bring Kosovo closer to EU, US
2014-10-27Kosovo officials said the country continues to act as a constructive member of the international community.
thumbnailKosovo boy returns home from jihadist camp
2014-10-20Intelligence co-operation leads to boy's repatriation from an ISIL camp in Syria.
thumbnailKosovo takes steps against Islamic extremism
2014-10-02Authorities arrested 12 imams and continue to monitor radicals that may pose a threat to security.
thumbnailISIL's focus on women criticised in Turkey and the Balkans
2014-08-22Citizens and experts urge states to react decisively against ISIL and its propaganda.
thumbnailKosovo to address religious intolerance
2014-08-05The president seeks greater institutional co-operation to reduce religious hate speech and vandalism.
thumbnailSerbs exert influence by participating in Kosovo election
2014-06-25The possibility of a change in the ruling coalition in Kosovo will not derail the integration of Kosovo Serbs, experts said.
thumbnailEnd of SAA negotiations marks new chapter for Kosovo
2014-05-12The agreement will secure Kosovo's EU future once it is ratified.
thumbnailAlbania and Kosovo form strategic partnership
2014-01-22The two countries significantly expand bi-lateral relations.
thumbnailKosovo and Serbia agree on arbitration for commercial disputes
2014-01-06The two countries' chambers of commerce are seeking to create a positive climate for businesses to communicate and interact.
thumbnailAgreement talks give Kosovo a clear European perspective
2013-11-07Analysts say the agreement would strengthen Kosovo's international juridical reform.
thumbnailPrime minister says Kosovo elections are a success
2013-11-05The vote was the first held over the entire territory of Kosovo since the country declared its independence in 2008.
thumbnailAir Serbia makes first flight
2013-10-30The carrier's first jet was named for Serbian tennis player Novak Djokovic. In other business news: Turkey's foreign aid reaches $3.43 billion this year.
thumbnailKosovo's election holds high stakes for two countries
2013-10-28According to a UN poll, only 16 percent of Kosovo Serbs plan to vote on Sunday.
thumbnailPristina, Belgrade agreement could boost vote
2013-10-16Agreement is expected to help draw more Kosovo Serbs to the polls on November 3rd.
thumbnailTrade agreement with Turkey opens Kosovo's markets
2013-10-14The negotiated agreement is expected to increase trade exchange and foreign investments.
thumbnailSkopje, Pristina officials work to resolve trade dispute
2013-09-14Analysts agree that damages can be huge for both countries due to the trade embargo.
thumbnailIndictments raise awareness of LGBT hate crimes
2013-09-13Besa Luci, editor-in-chief of Kosovo 2.0 magazine, said the indictments are a good example of the functioning of the law.
thumbnailAgreement paves way for Kosovo Serbs to participate in elections
2013-09-11Having reached agreement on the look of the ballots for the November 3rd Kosovo elections, the Kosovo Serbs submitted a single election ticket named "Serbia."
thumbnailKosovo's elections prove to be a challenge to both sides
2013-08-19A successful election will bring an end to the parallel institutions operated by Belgrade in northern Kosovo since Pristina broke away from Serbia five years ago.
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Balkan citizens, officials condemn terrorismBalkan citizens, officials condemn terrorism

Citizens and activists strongly condemn acts of terrorism that are creating a fear of Muslims in the region.

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