thumbnailJoint border police centres boost Balkan nations' fight against illegal immigration
2014-01-16The centres allow for exchange of information among border police forces and joint operations.
thumbnailPolice, citizens finding ways to co-operate in the Balkans
2013-12-24The practice harmonises regional with EU standards and helps the police work preventively in addition to solve crimes.
thumbnailBalkan countries strengthen airport border security
2013-12-12Co-operation among airport border police in the region is gaining momentum.
thumbnailMacedonia and Montenegro tackle cybercrime
2013-10-22The two countries increasingly use specialised units to address the growing number of cybercrimes.
thumbnailSecurity should be addressed after Macedonia espionage sting, expert says
2013-09-27Police uncovered a trove of information collected by a spy ring that allegedly sold classified documents and collected information to blackmail public officials.
thumbnailTraining strengthens anti-terrorism capabilities in region
2013-09-20State institutions and security forces co-operate in a hostage rescue exercise.
thumbnailExperts on guard against Islamic extremism in Macedonia
2013-08-17Experts say there are extremist cells in Macedonia, but no evidence to support a recent report from a Russian media outlet.
thumbnailBalkans claim victories against contraband cigarettes
2013-07-11Hundreds of thousands of counterfeit cigarettes have been confiscated and police have arrested several suspects accused of smuggling across the region.
thumbnailMacedonian anti-corruption efforts pay off
2013-06-24Authorities arrest 13 in an anti-trafficking operation, including a police officer from the border service.
thumbnailSkopje, Tirana increase focus on organised crime
2013-06-08A new contact centre for police in Macedonia and Albania will allow for better co-operation.
thumbnailPolice deal blow to artifact theft in Macedonia
2013-05-10Officials from the office for protection of cultural heritage are among 19 suspects arrested.
thumbnailWar criminal's release provides closure for Macedonia
2013-04-20Convicted war criminal Johan Tarculovski returns home to a hero's welcome.
thumbnailTrajkovski investigation reopened on new evidence
2012-12-06BiH reopens plane crash investigation in light of new evidence from Macedonian authorities.
thumbnailSerbia, Macedonia addressing false asylum issue
2012-11-05The Western Balkan countries are taking additional measures to avoid suspension of the visa-free regime.
thumbnailBalkan women a key factor for peace building
2012-10-16Organisations across the region join forces to promote female participation in security jobs, decision-making.
thumbnailMacedonia criminal trial shows country's 'maturity'
2012-09-21The group of criminals who allegedly terrorised the eastern part of Macedonia are now on trial.
thumbnailPolice stage high stakes crackdown against illegal gambling
2012-05-21Long shielded by law enforcement in the Western Balkans, gambling operations are now in police cross-hairs.
thumbnailExtremists among those detained in Macedonia massacre
2012-05-02Police have launched an operation to find the organisers of last month's massacre of five Macedonians, but some analysts warn that they should tread carefully.
thumbnailMassacre near Skopje shocks the region
2012-04-16Investigations into the murders continue, as interethnic tensions heat up.
thumbnailDecriminalising libel boosts media freedom
2012-03-14Macedonia is working to revise its libel laws, and is looking to the experience of neighbours for guidance.


EU changes its economic approach toward the BalkansEU changes its economic approach toward the Balkans

The Union sets new criteria for membership candidate countries and potential candidates.

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