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thumbnailInternational foundation assists the Balkans against organised crime
2014-05-05Macedonia will co-operate with an international non-governmental organisation to prevent and fight organised crime.
thumbnailNATO conducts combat readiness assessment of Macedonian army
2013-11-01Macedonia organised its biggest training exercise, which was graded by a NATO observer team.
thumbnailSport seen as a key to combating discrimination
2013-07-29Workshops, international tournaments, mutual visits and educational programmes are the tools as governments and NGOs use sport to build tolerance and reduce extremism among youth athletes.
thumbnailEU seeks resolution to political battle in Macedonia
2013-02-01The EU takes steps to end a political standoff in Macedonia.
thumbnailYoung leaders to chart the way ahead in Macedonia, region
2012-09-05To fulfill their potential, youth need encouragement, direction and the opportunities the leadership the Only Balkan leadership school provides.
thumbnailOhrid agreement faces criticism, 11 years later
2012-08-22Eleven years after its adoption, the Ohrid Framework Agreement needs a facelift, some experts said, while others want it scrapped altogether.
thumbnailTurkish investment furthers co-operation with Macedonia
2012-07-30Cevahir Holding's 300m-euro investment in a Skopje residential complex is an economic opportunity for Macedonia.
thumbnailIstanbul hopes to build a third airport
2012-04-25A tender for a third airport in Istanbul will open this year. Also in business news: BiH's government adopted a budget for 2012 and Romania plans to reorganise its tax system.
thumbnailAdriatic Group advances regional security co-operation
2012-04-09Regional defense leaders pledged a joint approach to Euro-Atlantic integration and to addressing common security challenges.
thumbnailMacedonia beginning accession dialogue with the EU
2012-03-12The EU will launch high-level dialogue to help Macedonia keep the pace of institutional reforms and enable it to remain on the EU integration path, in spite of Greece's objections.
thumbnailRemembering Kiro Gligorov
2012-01-04While the nation mourns one of its most distinguished politicians, some question his legacy.
thumbnailMacedonia and Serbia boost relations
2011-12-20The visit of President Boris Tadic to Skopje strengthened good relations between Serbia and Macedonia, re-affirmed Macedonian identity, emphasised the need to solve the existing church dispute and increase trade.
thumbnailMacedonia wins ICJ case against Greece
2011-12-06The International Court of Justice ruled that Greece is guilty of violating the 1995 Interim Accord by vetoing Macedonia's NATO membership in 2008.
thumbnailMacedonia's Poposki assesses regional ties, developments
2011-11-28The country's top diplomat says economic integration -- still elusive in much of the Balkans -- is the key to regional prosperity.
thumbnailBrussels flooded with letters defending Macedonian identity
2011-11-03A spontaneous protest has gained momentum against the perceived EU negation of Macedonia's ethnic and national identity on behalf of Greece.
thumbnailCall for action to reduce disaster risks
2011-10-29The European Forum for Disaster Risk Reduction in Skopje provides impetus for mobilising the region and the continent check a record number of disasters.
thumbnailMacedonia, Qatar ties open up investment opportunities
2011-10-21The first official visit by an Arab monarch to Macedonia established a partnership that could bring great economic benefits.
thumbnailMacedonia's EU bid still mired in name issue
2011-10-19The dispute with Athens remains an obstacle despite success in meeting other criteria.
thumbnailBloggers debate the Ohrid Framework Agreement
2011-08-20The 10th anniversary of the agreement elicits different reactions, though most remain critical of its purpose and results.
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Region works to solve Roma housing crisisRegion works to solve Roma housing crisis

Countries are focusing on helping the minority group to legalise their housing settlements.

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