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thumbnailTirana, Belgrade to encourage reconciliation in Kosovo
2015-01-02Officials from Albania and Serbia are encouraging inter-ethnic tolerance and fostering a fear-free, non-violent environment for returnees.
thumbnailAlbania, Serbia extend co-operation despite diplomatic skirmish
2014-12-01The EU praised Albania Prime Minister Edi Rama's visit to Belgrade as a turning point in relations between the two countries.
thumbnailSerbia, Albania and Kosovo advance security co-operation
2014-08-27The countries make incremental steps to improving relations.
thumbnailAnalysts see significance in Rama's planned visit to Belgrade
2014-08-13Albania announced the first visit by its head of government to Serbia in over half a century.
thumbnailWith anti-drug operation in Lazarat, Albania signals readiness for EU membership
2014-07-14Police actions contribute to Albania obtaining EU member candidate status.
thumbnailAlbania excited to obtain EU candidate status
2014-06-27Albanians cheer the decision but say the country faces many challenges ahead.
thumbnailExperts are confident Albania will obtain EU candidate status
2014-06-16The optimism is based on the recent European Commission recommendation for candidate membership status.
thumbnailAlbania increases anti-drug trafficking measures
2014-06-02The government acts after an airplane carrying drugs crashed and reports surfaced of potential misuse of military airports by drug traffickers.
thumbnailCyprus relaxes banking restrictions
2014-05-07Cypriots can now cash cheques and have higher limits on transactions. Also in business news: Switzerland will grant 500 Croatian workers access to the country's labour market.
thumbnailArrests aid terrorism fight in Albania
2014-03-06The arrests of five suspects bring a long-desired relief from a terror group's actions.
thumbnailRomania's GDP growth leads the EU
2014-02-19Quarterly economic growth registers at 1.7 percent in Romania, Eurostat says. In other business news: Turkey ranks third in a list of the world's friendliest destinations for Muslim travellers; Albania encourages Italian investment.
thumbnailBalkans police co-operate to suppress theft of icons, cultural heritage
2014-01-28A successful operation by Albanian police is the first case of finding Macedonian icons believed to have been stolen by organised crime networks.
thumbnailSerbian-language school in Albania is a sign of improving relations
2014-01-23A new school in Hamil will serve Serbian students in their native language.
thumbnailAlbania and Kosovo form strategic partnership
2014-01-22The two countries significantly expand bi-lateral relations.
thumbnailAlbania seeks foreign experts to increase pace of reforms
2014-01-13The Albanian government wants to address crime and corruption in the customs administration and accredit its universities.
thumbnailGreece and Albania willing to agree on maritime border
2013-12-18Signing a border demarcation agreement is in the interest of both countries and peoples, officials said.
thumbnailRegional countries focus on anti-trafficking measures
2013-11-26It is estimated that there are 21 million victims of human trafficking in the world, and the Balkan countries are joining forces to fight this crime.
thumbnailMacedonia and Albania look toward a promising future
2013-11-25Analysts say the new Albanian government will benefit the relationship between Skopje and Tirana.
thumbnailAlbania rejects destroying Syria's chemical weapons on its territory
2013-11-21Some security experts lament what they call a lost opportunity for Albania to assist in an international effort.
thumbnailAuthorities confront illegal gambling in Albania and Kosovo
2013-11-18Security experts said illegal gambling funds other elements of organised crime and terrorism.
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Balkan media unites in condemning Paris attacksBalkan media unites in condemning Paris attacks

Regional media unites, calling the recent terrorism in Paris an attack on freedom of expression.

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