thumbnailOfficials' use of government aircraft assailed in Bulgaria
2013-07-13Bloggers suggest options to avoid excessive and inappropriate use of government aircraft.
thumbnailBulgaria, Serbia sign gas line deal
2012-12-19The gas pipeline, which will run through both countries is expected to have an annual capacity of 1.8 billion cubic metres. Also in business news, Cyprus is facing a situation of selective default.
thumbnailAegean relaunches attempt to acquire Olympic Air
2012-10-24Aegean Airlines says the two companies' names and logos will remain. Also in business news: Kosovo and Macedonia signed a 1.2 million-euro financing agreement on the Cross-Border Co-operation Programme IPA 2011.
thumbnailGreece tops region in millionaires
2012-10-03Croatia, Romania and Serbia follow close behind. Also in business news: gas prices hit a world high in Turkey, and BiH will get a 405-million euro loan from the IMF.
thumbnailGorani in Kosovo, Albania offered Bulgarian citizenship
2012-04-16Bulgaria offers citizenship and material benefits to members of the Gorani community in what some call a throwback to 19th-century policy.
thumbnailMontenegrins demand government to tackle economic issues
2012-03-21Montenegrin citizens want concrete results in the fight against corruption. Also in business news: Bulgaria may pull out of its deal with Russia's state-owned nuclear company Atomstroyexport.
Bulgarian nationalists, Muslims clash in downtown Sofia
2011-05-22SOFIA, Bulgaria -- Several people were injured on Friday (May 20th) in downtown Sofia during clashes between supporters of the nationalist ATAKA part...
UN's Ban arrives in Turkey
2011-05-08ANKARA, Turkey -- UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon arrived in Turkey on Saturday (May 7th) to take part in the 4th UN Conference on the Least Develop...
US and Bulgaria to discuss anti-missile shield
2010-02-14SOFIA, Bulgaria -- Prime Minister Boyko Borissov said on Friday (February 12th) that the US will have preliminary talks with the Bulgarian government...
Greek farmers lift some blockades
2010-01-24ATHENS, Greece -- Greek farmers eased protests on Saturday (January 23rd) as the blockades of some 20 roads across the country were lifted but anothe...
Barroso backs Bulgarian commissioner-designate
2010-01-17BRUSSELS, Belgium -- European Commission (EC) President Jose Manuel Barroso sent a letter to the European Parliament (EP) on Friday (January 15th) st...
Bulgaria's Borisov, Parvanov at odds
2009-11-09SOFIA, Bulgaria -- Prime Minister Boyko Borisov and President Georgi Parvanov are at odds after Parvanov criticised Borisov's government Sunday (Nove...
Security agency report causes scandal in Bulgaria
2009-10-26SOFIA, Bulgaria -- A year-old report by the National Security Agency, on the influence of criminal organisations within certain ministries and state...
Bulgaria backs out of battleship order with France
2009-10-13PARIS, France -- The Bulgarian government is backing out of a deal to buy four battleships -- corvettes -- from France. Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyk...
thumbnailDiplomatic Diary: Bulgaria's Borisov visits France
2009-10-13Bulgarian economic issues and infrastructure investments will be the focus of talks in France. Also in diplomatic news: Mediterranean countries must focus on fighting terrorism and illegal immigration, OSCE Secretary-General Mark Perrin de Brichambaut said in Athens.
Bulgaria says yes to South Stream project
2009-09-20SOFIA, Bulgaria -- Bulgaria and Russia agreed on Friday (September 18th) to speed up implementation of the South Stream project, during a meeting in...
OLAF backs Bulgaria's anti-corruption efforts
2009-09-10BRUSSELS, Belgium -- The EU's Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF) supports the actions undertaken by the government of Prime Minister Boyko Borisov and its anti...
Putin discusses future of projects with Bulgaria
2009-09-02WARSAW, Poland -- Bulgaria might give up one of the major energy projects currently in the works with Moscow, Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin s...
thumbnailBorisov fast-tracks abuse probe
2009-08-14Fingers are being pointed at the country's former Socialist-led government for alleged corruption.
Bulgarian cabinet establishes oversight council
2009-08-13SOFIA, Bulgaria -- The recently-appointed cabinet of Prime Minister Boyko Borissov decided on Wednesday (August 12th) to set up a council headed by t...
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NATO works to include Balkan youth in security politicsNATO works to include Balkan youth in security politics

A recent NATO initiative in Belgrade is helping to educate the region's youth about democracy, stability and co-operation in the global fight against ISIL.

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