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thumbnailVucic's visit to BiH highlights desire for reconciliation
2014-05-28The recent visit by Serbia Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic to Sarajevo underscores positive shifts in relations between the two countries.
thumbnailOn the web, public calls for a fair trial in the Saric case
2014-04-04The arrest and trial of alleged drug lord Darko Saric is being hailed by many online commenters as eyes turn to the judicial system.
thumbnailErdogan receives award for defending minority rights
2013-10-22Turkey Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan was awarded a gold medal by the Bosnia National Council (BNC) for contributing the improvement of minority rights in Serbia.
thumbnailAnalysts say Nikolic's Srebrenica apology is significant
2013-04-29Serbia's president is 'on his knees' seeking forgiveness for Serbia for deaths at Srebrenica.
thumbnailEU membership may improve Croatia-Serbia relations
2012-12-10Relations between the two countries cooled after the Hague tribunal's acquittal of Croatian General Ante Gotovina, who was indicted for war crimes against Serbs in 1995.
thumbnailTadic's withdraw could benefit DS
2012-11-09The former president's move was to avoid a split in party ranks.
thumbnailProtesters gather in Pristina after Kosovo-Serbia meeting
2012-10-23A Kosovo nationalist group clashed with police during a protest of Friday's meeting between EU officials and leaders from Kosovo and Serbia.
thumbnailYoung leaders to chart the way ahead in Macedonia, region
2012-09-05To fulfill their potential, youth need encouragement, direction and the opportunities the leadership the Only Balkan leadership school provides.
thumbnailAnalysts: Serbia, Kosovo far from compromise
2012-08-27Last week's session of the UN Security Council on Kosovo failed to bring an agreement, and some analysts said they don't expect anything to happen in the near future.
thumbnailSerbian new opposition faces crisis
2012-08-25A split in the Democratic Party poses questions whether Serbia's new opposition can act without reforming itself.
thumbnailClosure of Serbian ministry sparks debate
2012-08-14Analysts said the closure of the Serbian Ministry for Kosovo does not indicate a change in Belgrade's policy.
thumbnailNikolic's initiative for Kosovo consensus applauded
2012-07-24Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic has announced he is gearing up to "take historic responsibility" and try to achieve a consensus in Serbia on the issue of Kosovo.
thumbnailSerbian court disputes limits of Vojvodina autonomy
2012-07-18The constitutional court of Serbia ruled that key items of a law granting Vojvodina autonomy are unconstitutional.
thumbnailRegion builds strategy for a common future
2012-07-18According to one participating official, continuous contacts among regional leaders and an unhindered dialogue alone can affect past errors and create common future goals.
thumbnailHandshake seen as precursor to high-level talks
2012-07-13Called a symbolic gesture by both leaders, a handshake is seen in Kosovo as preparation for future high-level meetings between Pristina and Belgrade.
thumbnailEU accession is priority of new Serbian government
2012-07-12The parties of the new ruling majority in Serbia signed a coalition agreement this week, and analysts say the new cabinet will face numerous challenges – from the issue of Kosovo and Serbia's devastated economy, to the fight against crime and corruption.
thumbnailSerbia: Democrats out, Socialists in
2012-06-29The mandate to form the new Serbian government has been given to Socialist Party of Serbia leader Ivica Dacic -- pushing former President Boris Tadic into the opposition.
thumbnailNikolic to meet with EU officials this week
2012-06-12Experts say that Brussels will speak to Serbia's Tomislav Nikolic about his controversial statements, but a more pressing issue is the formation of the new government.
thumbnailRegional currencies struggle against the euro
2012-06-08Amid political and regional turmoil, the Serbian dinar and Romanian lei have slid to record lows against the euro in recent weeks.
thumbnailSerbia's Nikolic gets his first critics from BiH
2012-06-05There was no genocide in Srebrenica, Serbia President Tolmislav Nikolic says, and he will not attend the annual commemoration for the victims.
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Armed forces train leaders for new global challengesArmed forces train leaders for new global challenges

The British Embassy in Macedonia held training for 30 high-ranking officials in the security sector.

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