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thumbnailGreece's economic fate, security, hang on election
2015-01-22Analysts warn that if the opposition SYRIZA wins, it may reverse the austerity policy in exchange for the country's international bailout and cause a run on banks and an exit from the Eurozone.
thumbnailBloggers debate prospects of the Balkans' EU accession
2014-09-19Joint work and co-operation are seen as the best tools to accelerate the EU accession process.
thumbnailEU, region to work together towards accession
2014-09-08The recent EU conference in Berlin showed that the Union will work to get the Balkans as part of Europe, officials said.
thumbnailPolice in Greece on alert after terrorist's capture
2014-08-08Nikos Maziotis is the mastermind of Revolutionary Struggle, a group active between 2003 and 2009 and known for firing a rocket-propelled grenade into the US Embassy and bombing the Athens Stock Exchange.
thumbnailGermany takes leading role in promoting EU integration for Balkans
2014-07-17Germany is taking a leadership role in the Balkans' integration to the European Union.
thumbnailEU, NATO call on Russia to 'stop being part of the problem' in Ukraine
2014-04-16After 10 days of on-going occupations and attacks on state institutions and government buildings in eastern Ukraine, an official in Kiev announces an "anti-terrorist" operation.
thumbnailGreece looks to avoid a third bailout
2014-03-12Politics meets economics amid talks with international lenders.
thumbnailGunfire aimed at German envoy's residence in Athens seen as 'symbolic' attack
2014-01-10The attack happened days before Greece assumed the rotating EU presidency.
thumbnailProspect for a third bailout divides Greeks
2013-09-14Bloggers question the terms and conditions of the bailout and whether such aid is needed.
thumbnailTurkey and Germany bolster relationship
2013-05-30A new agreement is expected to set the stage for better diplomatic relations.
thumbnailTurkey's EU bid getting back on track
2013-03-14European leaders hint at renewed talks as analysts call for closer engagement.
thumbnailDjukanovic promises to fight corruption
2012-12-12Much is expected of Milo Djukanovic in his seventh term as prime minister.
thumbnailRomania, Moldova join in EU partnership project
2012-12-03Moldova seeks Romania's expertise in efforts to join the EU.
thumbnailGreece approves budget; attention turns to Troika
2012-11-12Athens is in danger of default on Friday without a release of bailout funds.
thumbnailGreeks disapprove of Merkel's visit, more austerity
2012-10-20Concerned that additional austerity will deepen the economic crisis, bloggers disapprove of them in a unique manner.
thumbnailWhile protests reign, Merkel pledges support for Greece
2012-10-10The German chancellor bolstered Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras, but economic news remains grim.
thumbnailMerkel's visit puts Moldova on a road to Europe
2012-09-03The German chancellor's visit to Chisinau acknowledges Moldova's European aspirations, but the road to Brussels is full of challenges, analysts say.
thumbnailGreek leaders' last chance to keep loans coming
2012-08-24Prime Minister Antonis Samaras is fighting for more time to implement reforms and austerity.
thumbnailNew EU president Cyprus teeters on financial precipice
2012-07-16Ignored by Turkey, reaching out to both the EU and Russia for help, Cyprus is struggling.
thumbnailExpectations low ahead of EU 'crisis' summit
2012-06-27Ways to resolve the eurozone crisis will dominate discussions again at the EU leaders' regular two-day summit, opening in Brussels on Thursday.
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Roma citizens reject radical Islamic groupsRoma citizens reject radical Islamic groups

Roma leaders emphasise the importance of protecting vulnerable citizens from the recruiting efforts of ISIL and other radical groups.

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Is co-operation between regional countries adequate to counter efforts by extremists to join violent organisations?

I don't know