thumbnailEU helps Balkans to reduce unemployment
2014-07-16The European Union is supporting local efforts, funding institutional development and supporting at-risk workers in order to increase employment in the Balkans.
thumbnailBalkan countries take measures to help youth find jobs
2014-03-03Regional countries are subsidising temporary employment and paid internships to help young people find jobs.
thumbnailEU projects increase job opportunities in Romania
2014-02-13Romania receives EU funding to help socially disadvantaged groups integrate in the country's social and economic life.
thumbnailUnemployed workers face challenging landscape
2013-07-18Job training programmes are available, but younger workers are turning to political connections in order to find employment.
thumbnailExperts urge Serbia's government to invest in youth
2013-06-22Serbia's government needs to take immediate steps to keep youth in the country, experts warn.
thumbnailCareer fairs give unemployed opportunities in Kosovo
2013-05-30Economic institutions are holding career fairs in an effort to reduce Kosovo's 40 percent unemployment rate.
thumbnailPodcast for 2013-05-30
2013-05-30In this episode, We present highlights of what is published on Setimes in the past week.
thumbnailRegional governments attempt to reduce unemployment
2013-04-15Balkan countries are working to develop measures and strategies to reduce high unemployment statistics.
thumbnailSandzak on the road to drawing investors
2013-03-16In the hopes of increasing the number of jobs available to citizens, Novi Pazar is taking measures to gain investments.
thumbnailUnemployment linked to politics in BiH
2013-03-06Experts say the government must follow through on efforts to curb unemployment.
thumbnailRegion takes action to curb unemployment
2013-02-05In an effort to stem the growing unemployment problem in the Balkans, several countries are implementing initiatives to help people find jobs.
thumbnailCroatia tackles high unemployment rate
2013-02-02The state allocated 61 million euros for the new labour measures this year.
thumbnailFarming initiative targets Macedonia's unemployed
2012-12-11The government is offering land and financial assistance to some of the country's unemployed.
thumbnailRegional training programmes show promise
2012-11-07Regional governments are implementing prequalification and retraining programmes to reduce unemployment.
thumbnailUnemployment rate rising in Croatia
2012-08-28A many citizens are debating leaving the country, the government promises to improve the situation by next year.
thumbnailUnemployed men outpacing women in some countries
2012-08-06Statistics show the gap between female and male unemployment rates in Bulgaria to have widened in favour of women since the crisis began in late 2008.
thumbnailProfessionals in the region hit hard by the economic crisis
2012-07-17Whether they stay at home or move to EU countries, well-educated and aspiring professionals find few doors open.
thumbnailIn elections, unemployment is at the forefront
2012-04-27As politicians focus on attracting votes May 6th, many of Serbia's residents are just hoping to find a job.
thumbnailGreece's growing jobless ranks face benefit cuts, longer lines
2012-03-22The mood among the unemployed is grim – and resigned.
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NATO co-operation is crucial for Serbia, regionNATO co-operation is crucial for Serbia, region

By co-operating with NATO, Serbia will see improvement in its defence system and security sector reforms, officials and experts said.

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