thumbnailHeroin trade joins terrorists, organised crime figures, experts say
2013-11-04Organised criminals and terrorist organisations are profiting from the heroin trade route in the region.
thumbnailBalkan Benelux idea revived in Tirana
2013-10-02Experts and businesspeople suggest that Albania, Kosovo, Montenegro and Macedonia merge markets.
thumbnailSkopje, Pristina officials work to resolve trade dispute
2013-09-14Analysts agree that damages can be huge for both countries due to the trade embargo.
thumbnailBulgarian and Turkish truckers look to remove obstacles
2013-05-17Recent trucker protests at the Turkish-Bulgarian border briefly halted trade and created long delays, drawing attention to restrictive customs and transportation policies by both sides.
thumbnailTurkish-Greek economic ties expand despite debt crisis
2013-02-14Greece has expanded exports to Turkey as Turkish firms look to invest in its neighbour.
thumbnailMacedonia, Kosovo aim to improve trade through infrastructure
2012-10-29The lack of reliable infrastructure, as well as the lure of other regional options, is decreasing trade traffic between Kosovo and Macedonia.
thumbnailAnalysts stress Turkey's key role in Balkans and beyond
2012-04-24Despite excellent political and diplomatic relations with countries in the Balkans, Turkey can contribute to regional stability by intensifying economic ties and investments in individual countries.
thumbnailDCFTA to bring freedoms, challenges to Moldova
2012-03-19With almost 50% of its exports going to EU member countries, Moldova launched talks with the Union on a Free Trade Agreement.
thumbnailChina warms up to Greek wines
2012-03-12China will be drinking Greek wines thanks to a multimillion-euro, ten-year trade deal signed earlier this year.
thumbnailSerbia returns to dominate Kosovo market
2011-12-27Tensions in northern Kosovo netted Albania a hefty slice of trade for a time this year, but Serbia has since returned to secure its place in the market.
thumbnailLack of preferential trade measures with EU hits Kosovo exporters
2011-12-22Preferential trade measures and a free trade agreement with EU would give Kosovo exporters a much needed boost to compete in the European market.
thumbnailKosovo Minister: Talks with Serbia spark positive trade results
2011-12-19Kosovo Minister of Trade and Industry Mimoza Kusari-Lila told SETimes that Pristina expects to start negotiations with the EU on a free trade agreement next year.
thumbnailCroatia's EU accession burdens BiH export market
2011-12-07Bosnia and Herzegovina could lose its main export market when Croatia officially joins the EU.
thumbnailRegional countries compete to satisfy Kosovo's market demand
2011-08-17Kosovo's reciprocity trade measures against Serbia and BiH create opportunities for other suppliers in the region.
thumbnailBorder gate could boost Turkey's trade with Iraq
2011-07-14Plans are in the works for a second crossing point in the southeast.
Kosovo, Macedonia sign customs deal
2011-02-13SKOPJE, Macedonia -- Kosovo and Macedonia signed a customs agreement on Friday (February 11th) in an effort to facilitate trade between the two count...
thumbnailMacedonia ends customs duties on many products
2011-02-08Lower prices are expected, following a government decision to abolish tariffs.
Turkey to keep trade ties with Iran despite sanctions
2010-08-08ANKARA, Turkey -- Energy Minister Taner Yildiz said on Friday (August 6th) that trade relations with Iran will continue despite recent UN sanctions....
Verhagen: Netherlands to continue blocking Serbia's SAA
2009-10-28LUXEMBOURG -- The Netherlands has not changed its stance on Serbia and will continue to block implementation of the EU's Stabilisation and Associatio...
thumbnailSerbia, China strike deal
2009-08-21Thursday's agreement turns Beijing into "the fourth pillar of Serbia's foreign policy", according to President Boris Tadic.
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Armed forces train leaders for new global challengesArmed forces train leaders for new global challenges

The British Embassy in Macedonia held training for 30 high-ranking officials in the security sector.

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