thumbnailRomania starts Danube reconstruction project
2014-08-28The EU-funded reconstruction project of Danube River will help Romania to prevent flooding and bring social and economic benefits to local communities.
thumbnailRegion enjoying profits and growth from tourism
2014-07-30Governments are making investments in the tourism industry, with many seeing immediate results.
thumbnailNew ferry brings "new life" to Ohrid Lake region
2014-07-03A newly opened ferry on Ohrid Lake will improve communication among Albanian and Macedonian citizens living on different sides of the lake and boost tourism in two countries, officials and tourist agencies say
thumbnail'Coffee visa' may bring Turkey and Greece closer
2013-12-03The visa would cover daily travel, and is designed to increase relations between the two countries, experts say.
thumbnailRomania to develop its medical tourism
2013-09-09Romania works on a new strategy to develop medical tourism that already brings hundreds of millions to the country, officials in Bucharest say.
thumbnailAlbania and Macedonia to develop co-operation through sport
2013-09-03A swimming marathon may be a boost to athletes, tourism and good regional relations.
thumbnailTourists back in Greece in record numbers
2013-08-08An increase in visitors brings extra euros to Greece's sagging economy.
thumbnailBalkans and Turkey attract more tourists, revenue
2013-07-23Turkey and the Balkans are bringing in more tourists and tourism revenue, according to the UN World Tourism Organisation.
thumbnailKosovo, Macedonia join forces to promote tourism
2013-07-17Balkan neighbours say collaboration will be beneficial to tourists and both countries.
thumbnailGreece expects record number of tourists this year
2013-04-22The economic crisis will bring more tourists to Greece this season, business owners and experts say.
thumbnailBalkan tourism aids the journey towards reconciliation
2013-04-03A new generation of hostel owners build business relations across international borders.
thumbnailGreek tourists visit Macedonia
2013-01-09Tourists from Greece resume visits to Macedonia, not bothered by political squabbling between the two countries.
thumbnailRegional mayors foster co-operation, friendship
2013-01-08Mayors from several Balkan cities send a message of peace and co-existence.
thumbnailFinancial crisis does not thwart holiday travel
2012-12-21The Balkan region offers a variety of vacation choices for the holidays.
thumbnailRegional ski resorts invest to entice visitors
2012-11-09Regional ski resorts are making improvements in hopes of drawing more skiers this season.
thumbnailPodcast for 2012-11-08
2012-11-08In this episode, We present highlights of what is published on Setimes in the past week.
thumbnailTourism competition is a multicultural success
2012-11-08The Hotel and Tourism Association held its annual European competition in Macedonia.
thumbnailPodcast for 2012-10-04
2012-10-04In this episode, We present highlights of what is published on Setimes in the past week.
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Roma citizens reject radical Islamic groupsRoma citizens reject radical Islamic groups

Roma leaders emphasise the importance of protecting vulnerable citizens from the recruiting efforts of ISIL and other radical groups.

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Is co-operation between regional countries adequate to counter efforts by extremists to join violent organisations?

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