thumbnailBalkan countries take part in global coalition against ISIL
2014-12-15Regional countries support increasing co-operation and anti-terror measures against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant.
thumbnailSerbia works to improve its anti-terrorism capabilities
2014-11-17Serbia is increasing efforts to fight terrorism, which is crucial for citizens' safety, EU integration and resistance to ISIL, experts and officials say.
thumbnailFoley execution rocks regional media
2014-09-03War correspondents in region cite a deteriorating press situation in the Middle East following the execution of US journalist James Foley.
thumbnailISIL's focus on women criticised in Turkey and the Balkans
2014-08-22Citizens and experts urge states to react decisively against ISIL and its propaganda.
thumbnailMuslims reject ISIL's changes to Quran
2014-08-18"If you intend to exterminate and win the right to kill every human being who is not a believer, than you have to change this part of Quran," an Islamic scholar told SETimes.
thumbnailNATO general says Alliance is focused on Ukraine, terrorism
2014-08-04NATO's top general said that nations in the alliance are co-operating to combat extremism.
thumbnailCoE committee puts BiH on financial blacklist
2014-06-12BiH has been added to a list of countries investors should avoid because it has not adopted laws against money laundering and terrorism financing.
thumbnailArrests aid terrorism fight in Albania
2014-03-06The arrests of five suspects bring a long-desired relief from a terror group's actions.
thumbnailTurkey, Greece increase anti-terrorism efforts
2014-02-18The arrest of DHKP-C members underscores the need for security co-operation, experts say.
thumbnailGunfire aimed at German envoy's residence in Athens seen as 'symbolic' attack
2014-01-10The attack happened days before Greece assumed the rotating EU presidency.
thumbnailRegion secure about Olympic safety despite Russia terrorism attacks
2014-01-02The dual suicide bombings in Russia have led to concerns about safety measures at the upcoming Olympic games, but Southeast Europe officials are confident in the measures in place.
thumbnailCommunities are the first gate to preventing terrorism
2013-10-14Police-community partnerships may be helpful in preventing vulnerable individuals from supporting terrorism or becoming terrorists.
thumbnailNew Greek terror groups target judges, prosecutors
2013-09-26Anarchist and far-left terrorist groups aim to draw from a large, disaffected population, and particularly from a pool of young people.
thumbnailExperts: Prevention is the key to fighting terrorism
2013-09-12Authorities say a strategic approach is needed to prevent extremists from being recruited into terrorist organisations.
thumbnailGreek terrorism arrests rattle Turkey
2013-08-06Police find links to a left-wing group responsible for attacks in Ankara earlier this year.
thumbnailAlbania to crack down on terrorism financers
2013-05-06A draft law against financing terrorism has been approved by the Albanian government and is being discussed in parliament.
thumbnailBurgas bombing report could pressure EU
2013-02-07International officials are calling for the EU to label Hezbollah as a terrorist organisation.
thumbnailTurkey, Greece rank high on Global Terrorism Index
2013-01-11The recent international review, which includes 158 countries, also found that Europe has seen the number of incidents decline during the last decade.
thumbnailReport: PKK behind more than 60 attacks in 2011
2012-08-08Close to 90 people were killed and nearly 220 were wounded in more than 60 attacks staged by the PKK last year.
thumbnailExperts: Al-Qaeda weakens with each generation
2012-06-13Researchers say a fourth generation of al-Qaeda leaders would be ideologically disjointed and scattered.
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NATO co-operation is crucial for Serbia, regionNATO co-operation is crucial for Serbia, region

By co-operating with NATO, Serbia will see improvement in its defence system and security sector reforms, officials and experts said.

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