thumbnailBanning public smoking in Kosovo is still a challenge
2012-12-03A proposal to ban smoking in closed public spaces may be difficult to enforce.
thumbnailSmoking ban splits Bulgarian public
2012-06-16Two irreconcilable camps react strongly to a new law banning smoking in one of Europe's heaviest smoking nations.
thumbnailPrice hikes making Greeks put out their cigarettes
2012-01-05The only thing Greeks love more than smokes is ignoring laws against them.
thumbnailSmokers chafe at Serbia's ban
2010-11-19Restrictions are a burden to some Serbs, a relief to others.
Smoking ban comes into force in Serbia
2010-11-11BELGRADE, Serbia -- A smoking ban in offices and public places became effective on Thursday (November 11th). The law bans smoking in all public build...
Greece to impose smoking ban
2010-08-31ATHENS, Greece -- A law banning smoking in public places goes into effect on Wednesday (September 1st). The only exceptions will be casinos and music...
thumbnailBulgaria allows loopholes in public smoking ban
2010-05-07Cafes, bars and restaurants will be exempt from tightened restrictions on smoking in public places that go into effect next month.
Bulgarian parliament rejects smoking ban
2010-04-29SOFIA, Bulgaria -- Parliament on Wednesday (April 28th) voted against a bill that would have imposed a complete ban on smoking in cafes, restaurants...
thumbnailGreeks smoke in defiance of ban
2010-03-12The Greek government's attempt to ban smoking in public is being widely ignored. While the law is in line with EU recommendations, the business community argues that the economy is bad enough without hassling paying customers.
thumbnailMacedonian businesses chafe at smoking ban
2010-01-18Lighting up in public will lead to a stiff fine under new restrictions that went into effect this month. Restaurant owners say the new rules are too tight.
thumbnailCroatia's smoking ban revised
2009-09-17Smoking in cafes will be allowed again, if basic requirements are met.
Heavy rains continue in Istanbul
2009-09-13ANKARA, Turkey -- Torrential rains continued in some parts of Turkey on Saturday (September 12th) causing new floods. A river in Istanbul went out of...
Croatian government amends two controversial laws
2009-09-11ZAGREB, Croatia -- The government adopted and forwarded to parliament amendments Thursday (September 10th) to two controversial laws -- on in-vitro f...
Cafe owners protest Turkey's smoking ban
2009-08-19ANKARA, Turkey -- Around 1,000 people, most of them cafe owners, protested on Tuesday (August 18th) outside the health ministry building in Ankara ag...
Turkish smoking ban to go into effect
2009-07-17ANKARA, Turkey -- The government will introduce a drastic ban on smoking in cafes, restaurants and bars across the country Sunday (July 19th), accord...
Cypriot parliament passes smoking ban
2009-07-12NICOSIA, Cyprus -- Parliament adopted on Thursday (July 9th) a new law banning smoking in all closed public places beginning in 2010, local media rep...
Greece enforces smoking ban
2009-07-01ATHENS, Greece -- A ban on smoking in public places takes effect in Greece on Wednesday (July 1st), media reported. Parliament adopted the measure la...
Croatian restaurateurs take on smoking ban
2009-06-18ZAGREB, Croatia -- Bar and restaurant owners launched a petition Wednesday (June 17th) to amend the law that bans smoking in public places. Organiser...
thumbnailCroatian smoking ban sparks debate among bloggers
2009-06-05As restaurateurs put pressure on the government to reverse the law, bloggers react.
thumbnailSerbia takes aim at smoking
2009-04-20Serbia is among the European countries with the largest numbers of smokers. The ministry of health has proposed further restricting smoking in public and enclosed spaces.
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Armed forces train leaders for new global challengesArmed forces train leaders for new global challenges

The British Embassy in Macedonia held training for 30 high-ranking officials in the security sector.

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