thumbnailAlbania dismantles massive drug network
2015-02-04Experts say that a police operation performed in co-operation with Germany demonstrates Albania's capacity to identify and lead major operations against organised crime groups.
thumbnailRomania assists Ukraine with cyber defence
2014-10-01The NATO member state provides technical assistance and training to Ukrainian intelligence agencies.
thumbnailTurkey, Balkan states lead global police training co-operative
2014-03-13Now in its fourth year, INTERPA is a growing international organisation aimed at improving the quality of police training.
thumbnailEthnic discrimination is a significant security threat, experts say
2014-02-06Experts say young people who were subjected to the trauma of the Balkan conflicts are more inclined to turn to violence, but Turkey can be a stabilising presence in the region.
thumbnailKosovo increases security after killing of Serb assembly member
2014-01-20Kosovo authorities said the slaying was intended to spread fear at a time when the government is trying to consolidate rule of law in the Serb-dominated north.
thumbnailEU calls for joint efforts to increase control on combatants returning from Syria
2013-12-13Balkan states are strengthening security measures and adopting new sanctions to control the movement of their citizens fighting in Syria.
thumbnailBalkan police synchronise security policies to fight terrorism
2013-12-05Western Balkan countries expect to more readily address security threats by harmonising their security policies with those of the EU.
thumbnailSerbia moves to regulate private security sector
2013-08-17The parliament will consider laws to regulate private security companies in order to harmonise with EU standards.
thumbnailKosovo Security Force will benefit regional security, analysts say
2013-07-15NATO's declaration that the security force is at "full operational capacity" is a step towards transforming Kosovo into a contributor of security in the region.
thumbnailExperts: EU membership could boost regional security
2013-06-15EU membership is the best way to stabilise security in the Balkans, participants at a recent conference said.
thumbnailAgreements on classified information enhance regional security
2012-11-21Bilateral agreements consolidate mechanisms to maintain and exchange classified information.
thumbnailNATO praises Croatian security reforms
2012-07-24The country's efforts add security to the region while serving as a model to prospective member countries.
thumbnailSerbia's Dacic discusses "reality on the ground"
2012-01-27Serbia's Ivica Dacic says he is determined to take responsibility for providing people with "what they lack above all else: economic development and justice in all spheres".
thumbnailKosovo's Rexhepi says security under control
2010-09-30Kosovo's interior minister describes the situation in the north as "fragile" and says authorities are working with KFOR and EULEX to keep the peace.
thumbnailBanja Luka unhappy with US State Department report
2010-08-17The latest findings on security in Bosnia and Herzegovina have triggered political debate.
thumbnailImproved security keeps more Serbs in Kosovo
2010-08-03Serbs in central Kosovo say they feel safer in the country. UNDP expert Danijela Mitic talks about Serbian life in Kosovo with SETimes.
Security boosted during Serbian minister's visit to RS
2010-06-22BELGRADE, Serbia -- Interior Minister Ivica Dacic confirmed on Monday (June 21st) that there was cause to raise the level of security during his week...
Macedonian minister: security situation under control
2010-05-04SKOPJE, Macedonia -- Interior Minister Gordana Jankulovska insisted on Monday (May 3rd) that police control the security situation and there is no re...
Bulgaria reassures Russia US anti-missile shield is not on agenda
2010-03-17MOSCOW, Russia -- The possible deployment of elements of the US-missile defence shield has not been discussed by parliament or by the government in S...
thumbnailRomania to become "defence pillar"
2010-02-09Bucharest sees both geopolitical and economic benefits from joining the new US missile shield system, despite criticism from neighbouring Russia.
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Roma citizens reject radical Islamic groupsRoma citizens reject radical Islamic groups

Roma leaders emphasise the importance of protecting vulnerable citizens from the recruiting efforts of ISIL and other radical groups.

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