thumbnailSerbia, Montenegro strengthen ties, promote tolerance
2014-10-31A recent tourism project helped advance cultural, religious and cross-border co-operation between Serbia and Montenegro.
thumbnailRomania issues traffic permit for Ukrainian citizens
2014-10-16A new agreement with Romania will boost the visa liberalisation process, moving Ukraine toward EU membership.
thumbnailBloggers: 'The victory of the Ukrainian people is our victory'
2014-02-28The crisis in Ukraine might speed up the EU accession process for candidate countries in the region, bloggers and analysts say.
thumbnailRomania-Moldova co-operation curbs smuggling
2014-01-31Regional security has improved as Romania and Moldova have worked together to reduce smuggling, officials say.
thumbnailTurkey, Balkans fight nuclear trafficking
2014-01-02Governments are co-operating with international law enforcement bodies to address the threat.
thumbnailEU integration, corruption, refugees remain key challenges for the region in 2014
2013-12-30Southeast Europe needs to strengthen anti-corruption efforts to reach progress in EU integration process, officials and analysts say.
thumbnailEuropean officials gather in Istanbul to discuss top terror threats
2013-11-05Security leaders agree that improved co-ordination and sharing of information is critical in the fight against terrorists.
thumbnailRegional youths promote co-operation for a joint future
2013-10-22A documentary film starring six youths from the region shows the power of understanding and tolerance.
thumbnailWestern Balkans intensify security co-operation
2013-09-10Analysts concluded that the Balkans made significant progress in improving security and integration processes.
thumbnailMayors' co-operation benefits tourism, ecology
2013-08-21Ohrid, Struga and Pogradec agreed jointly to seek funds from international donors.
thumbnailStudent organisation makes efforts in regional co-operation
2013-07-25Co-operation, activism and anti-discrimination were foremost on the minds of participants at a recent student gathering in Belgrade.
thumbnailCroatian photography seminar reaches across region
2013-07-05Young photographers learn new skills and build cross-border relationships.
thumbnailRegion can solve differences through dialogue
2013-06-07The cancellation of the Southeast European Co-operation Process summit is seen as a roadblock in regional co-operation.
thumbnailParliament collaboration could foster reconciliation
2013-05-27Co-operation can help resolve open regional issues and gives education on how to navigate the path to the EU, analysts said.
thumbnailTurkey and Balkans battle drug trafficking
2013-04-22Turkey has clamped down on drug trafficking, accounting 16 percent of global heroin seizures.
thumbnailDoctors collaborate to address organ donation shortage
2013-04-18Some Balkan states co-operate when it comes to organ donation and transplant surgeries.
thumbnailPodcast for 2013-04-18
2013-04-18In this episode, We present highlights of what is published on Setimes in the past week.
thumbnailRomania and Turkey deepen strategic partnership
2013-03-29Close political and security co-operation are underpinned by robust trade and investment ties between Romania and Turkey.
thumbnailBalkans trying to solve refugee problem
2013-01-02The programme will help refugees in BiH, Montengro, Croatia and Serbia.
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NATO co-operation is crucial for Serbia, regionNATO co-operation is crucial for Serbia, region

By co-operating with NATO, Serbia will see improvement in its defence system and security sector reforms, officials and experts said.

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