thumbnailPeaceful protests showing first results in BiH
2014-02-26Protesters are not giving up on their desire for economic change.
thumbnailRegional bloggers debate BiH protests, many reject violence
2014-02-14Bloggers throughout the region weigh in on the on-going protests in BiH.
thumbnailEU urges politicians to listen to BiH citizens
2014-02-13Citizens want governments composed of expert, non-political, uncompromised members.
thumbnail'We're tired of suffocating,' BiH citizen says
2014-02-12Despite the end of the violent protests in BiH, the message is still reverberating. SETimes spoke with one citizen who said that it is past time for change.
thumbnailBiH chaos ends as officials, citizens call for changes
2014-02-10Officials and analysts said that the public is frustrated by poverty, unemployment and the lack of a solid government.
thumbnailAnti-government protests turn violent in Sofia
2013-11-14Students denounce violence but keep protesting in downtown Sofia, surrounded by about 10,000 riot police and gendarmerie with shields, helmets, batons, and armoured vehicles.
thumbnailClashes in Bulgaria raise ire of human rights defenders
2013-07-30Recent violent clashes at an anti-government protest in Sofia that left injured 17 people spark debates over police behaviour.
thumbnailBulgarian protesters vow to press on
2013-07-06Undeterred by weather's whims, thousands of Bulgarians have been gathering daily in downtown Sofia since June 14th and are vowing to continue their peaceful protests.
thumbnailRepublika Srpska citizens peacefully seek change
2013-06-20Banja Luka citizens demand several changes and deliveries from the government.
thumbnailIn Bosnia, ID cards spark a call to action
2013-06-11The inability of lawmakers to agree on a new legislation to assign identification numbers to newborns in Bosnia and Herzegovina led to a series of protests.
thumbnailCitizen activism: a new way to protest in Kosovo
2013-06-01Opinions differ on whether street protests are an effective tool.
thumbnailBulgarians push for deep political changes
2013-02-27Public rallies against power distribution companies in Bulgaria have grown into protests against poverty, corruption, monopolies and the entire political system.
thumbnailMacedonia's budget debate is not over yet
2012-12-27The opposition party is promising a campaign of civil disobedience after it was ejected from parliament before the budget vote.
thumbnailSerbian salary law angers unions
2012-11-13Union representatives said that the government has until the end of the month for talks on the law limiting public sector salaries.
thumbnailGreek shipyard workers storm defense ministry in protest
2012-10-05Behind the demonstration comes worry for Greece's security.
thumbnailGreek journalists say they’re targets of police assaults
2012-04-11Three journalists say they were assaulted while covering recent protests triggered by the suicide of a pensioner who couldn’t pay for his medicine.
thumbnailFarmers end protests over sour milk prices, but debate continues
2012-03-01Milk producers promise that fight is not over yet.
thumbnailMontenegrins plan more protests over price hikes
2012-02-09Authorities ignore calls to recall electricity price hikes, sparking more protests.
thumbnailAvala TV could lose broadcasting license
2012-02-03Due to unpaid wages since the summer and debts and fees that are piling up, Serbian broadcaster Avala TV could be reaching the end of its days.
thumbnailRomanian foreign minister sacked over abusive remarks
2012-01-24Romanian Foreign Minister Teodor Baconschi was attending a meeting with EU counterparts on Monday, when he was sacked.
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Armed forces train leaders for new global challengesArmed forces train leaders for new global challenges

The British Embassy in Macedonia held training for 30 high-ranking officials in the security sector.

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