thumbnailExperts warn of spread of extremism in Balkan prisons
2014-02-12Islamic extremists try to recruit the most economically devastated prisoners by offering assistance.
thumbnailPrison vacations questioned after escape in BiH
2013-10-15Prison vacations and other benefits can lead to breakouts, officials say.
thumbnailMacedonia advances prison reform
2013-01-25The government has invested 52 million euros in construction and renovation of jails.
thumbnailRegion takes measures to increase prison security
2012-11-29Steps are being taken throughout the region to improve prison management and increase security.
thumbnailSerbia tackles prison overcrowding
2012-02-08The number of prisoners exceeds the prison capacity by almost 50%, but new efforts are under way to relieve Serbia's penal system.
thumbnailSerbia grapples with women, foreign prison inmates
2012-02-06Women comprise less than 3% of the total prison population, compared to about 10% of inmates from foreign countries. Yet both groups present different challenges.
thumbnailHigh costs create controversy over new prison in BiH
2012-01-05A new 39m euro prison expected to be completed in early 2014 has been plagued by delays and rising costs.
thumbnailProblems still plague Kosovo's prisons
2011-11-22The Council of Europe's watchdog panel gave Kosovo's prison system a mixed review.
Two inmates escape Macedonian prison
2010-08-23SKOPJE, Macedonia -- Two inmates escaped the Idrizovo prison in Skopje on Sunday (August 22nd). They were serving sentences of 16 and 29 months respe...
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Regional countries take action against jihadistsRegional countries take action against jihadists

Government action against the participation of local citizens in ISIL is crucial for the regional fight against terrorism, experts say.

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Some Balkan nations are working together to respond to illegal activities, such as cyber crime. Would you like to see this co-operation increase?

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