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thumbnailDrug bust shows Montenegro's efforts against organised crime, experts say
2014-06-24The recent seizure of 250 kilograms of cocaine in Bar shows that the country is serious about beating crime and corruption.
thumbnailInternational foundation assists the Balkans against organised crime
2014-05-05Macedonia will co-operate with an international non-governmental organisation to prevent and fight organised crime.
thumbnailExperts call for action to fight corruption in Croatia's healthcare sector
2014-01-15A recently discovered corruption scheme involves hundreds of doctors and pharmacists.
thumbnailShowdown with organised crime in BiH, region continues
2013-12-13Efforts against organised crime by police and the courts are slowly showing results in the Balkans, but more needs to be done, experts and citizens said.
thumbnailAuthorities confront illegal gambling in Albania and Kosovo
2013-11-18Security experts said illegal gambling funds other elements of organised crime and terrorism.
thumbnailMacedonia and Albania tackle illegal fishing, trade
2013-09-02Illegal operations threaten rare and protected fish.
thumbnailKosovo, EULEX co-operation pays off
2013-07-31Joint actions by the Kosovo police and EULEX have resulted in success, but the country needs to learn to stand on its own, mission officials say.
thumbnailExperts call for joint efforts to combat organised crime
2013-07-12International co-operation is the most efficient way to deal with organised crime, which has become "a serious threat" in the region, experts warn.
thumbnailMacedonian police work with Germany, Austria to bust 'Frankfurt Mafia'
2013-05-13Co-ordinated international police action packs a punch to drug group.
thumbnailAccused crime boss arrest is a 'kick' to regional drug trade
2013-05-09Naser Kelmendi is suspected of running one a major drug trafficking routes through the Balkans.
thumbnailIllegal transplant case highlights need for control in Kosovo
2013-05-07Kosovo analysts said a recent criminal case highlights the need for government regulations.
thumbnailRegional police co-operate, break up trafficking ring
2012-12-24Cross-border co-operation is necessary to win the fight against organised crime, analysts say.
thumbnailLeaked phone tapes raise debate on wiretapping in Kosovo
2012-12-15Many bloggers say wiretapping is necessary, but privacy should be protected.
thumbnailRegional co-operation on organised crime necessary, analysts say
2012-12-05The countries from the Western Balkans should form a joint Balkan police force, similar to Interpol, to strengthen the fight against organised crime, analysts say.
thumbnailTurkey leads regional effort against organised crime
2012-09-27As the chair of the Organisation of the Black Sea Economic Co-operation, Turkey has placed a priority on combating transnational crime in the region.
thumbnailArrests deal blow to Serbia's organised crime, but may not eliminate it
2012-02-13Serbian authorities are hoping that with the arrests of four notorious criminals they have dealt a decisive blow to organised crime.
thumbnailBulgaria launches anti-mafia tribunal
2012-01-13The specialised court opened in Bulgaria after a six-month delay, but many are cautious in their expectations.
thumbnailExperts: organized crime knows no borders, ethnicity
2011-11-30Continued interethnic and transnational criminal activity in the Balkans leads to a co-ordinated regional approach among investigators and leaders.
thumbnailUprooting police and customs corruption in BiH
2011-10-25Authorities say several recent stings show they are making inroads, but is it enough?
thumbnailBrcko arrests expose the shady side of government
2011-10-20Ideology and ethnicity are no barriers as local politicians divvy up the loot.
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Armed forces train leaders for new global challengesArmed forces train leaders for new global challenges

The British Embassy in Macedonia held training for 30 high-ranking officials in the security sector.

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