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thumbnailMinority rights in Serbia key to EU integration
2015-02-02The advancement of the position of national minorities is one of the key points in Serbia's European integration process.
thumbnailRegion works to resolve issue of legally invisible persons
2014-11-19Providing citizens with identification documentation means providing all citizens with the same rights and chances, officials and experts agreed.
thumbnailRomania issues traffic permit for Ukrainian citizens
2014-10-16A new agreement with Romania will boost the visa liberalisation process, moving Ukraine toward EU membership.
thumbnailCouncil of Europe resolution to foster minority rights, languages in Albania
2014-05-07A law on nationalities would help clarify Albania's policy, and other steps also are needed to address remaining discriminatory practices against minorities.
thumbnailEU takes BiH to task for Sejdic-Finci failure
2014-02-28Some politicians said the October elections are the key to implementing the verdict.
thumbnailBulgarians and Turks boost friendship despite difficult memories
2014-02-25A new book series sheds light on the exodus of ethnic Turks from Bulgaria in 1989 reminds the two communities of the importance of preserving friendship.
thumbnailSerbia works to improve rights for national minorities
2014-02-21Progress in minority rights protection is being implemented in accordance with EU standards and values.
thumbnailMinority councils protest court ruling in Serbia
2014-02-13A recent court ruling in Serbia limits the rights of minorities in the country, the councils said.
thumbnailGovernment creates jobs for minorities in Macedonia
2014-02-06Macedonia launches a new employment programme to improve inter-ethnic relations in the country.
thumbnailSerbian-language school in Albania is a sign of improving relations
2014-01-23A new school in Hamil will serve Serbian students in their native language.
thumbnailEU concerned about minority rights referendum in Croatia
2014-01-20Members of the European Parliament have sent an open letter to the Croatian public, saying that the referendum on minority rights is "dangerous and unconstitutional."
thumbnailReturning to Turkey is still a dream for some in Greece
2014-01-09Turkish citizens who immigrated to Greece want to reclaim Turkey as their home.
thumbnailCroatia and Serbia at impasse on minority rights
2013-12-31Belgrade sent a protest note to the Serbian Embassy in Zagreb, reproaching Croatia "for increasingly frequent incidents targeting the Republic of Serbia and Serbs in Croatia."
thumbnailCroats and Serbs make headway in improving relations, minority status
2013-10-11The governments and citizens of Croatia and Serbia are committed to improving their countries' relations.
thumbnailMinority rights protection remains a concern in Kosovo
2013-10-09The latest Council of Europe report noted increasing nationalism, but officials said existing laws are sufficient protection for minority rights.
thumbnailUse of Serbian Cyrillic remains sensitive in Croatia
2013-09-07Analysts say the official use of Cyrillic language will help to smooth relations between Croatia and its Serbian minority.
thumbnailSerbia focuses on minority rights
2013-08-13In preparation for EU accession talks, the government's office of human and minority rights is concentrating on Serbia's anti-discrimination strategy.
thumbnailKosovo parliament seeks rights for Presevo Valley Albanians
2013-06-12Presevo Valley Albanians want the same rights as Serbs in northern Kosovo.
thumbnailRoma union targets inclusion issues
2013-05-24The organisation will help Roma from the region achieve their interests.
thumbnailPolitical dialogue, civil society programmes help overcome regional divisions
2013-05-20Ongoing efforts of political parties and NGOs help fuel peaceful transformation.
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Armed forces train leaders for new global challengesArmed forces train leaders for new global challenges

The British Embassy in Macedonia held training for 30 high-ranking officials in the security sector.

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