thumbnailBalkan militaries embrace the military media
2014-02-17A more professional military media contributes to democratisation of both military and society.
thumbnailIndictments raise awareness of LGBT hate crimes
2013-09-13Besa Luci, editor-in-chief of Kosovo 2.0 magazine, said the indictments are a good example of the functioning of the law.
thumbnailRomanian journalist seeks new beginning for media
2013-04-27A call for an overhaul of the Romanian media sector draws bloggers into a debate.
thumbnailInvestigative journalism gains ground in Serbia
2013-01-12Investigative journalists for the television show "Insajder" have had notable success in holding politicians and business tycoons accountable for misconduct.
thumbnailMacedonians may lose Turkish TV shows under new law
2012-12-26A new media law in Macedonia may reduce foreign television shows.
thumbnailDeclining media freedom in Bulgaria draws concerns
2012-08-24European Commission Vice President Neelie Kroes says she will discuss the state of media freedom in Bulgaria with officials in Sofia in September.
thumbnailDecriminalising libel boosts media freedom
2012-03-14Macedonia is working to revise its libel laws, and is looking to the experience of neighbours for guidance.
thumbnailVAT discharge encourages media professionals in Kosovo
2012-02-10More than 100 broadcast outlets and 20 daily and periodical print organisations welcomed the removal of value added tax in Kosovo.
thumbnailTV host's resignation sparks debate on self-censorship, media freedom
2011-07-27According to journalists, self-censorship may be a bigger problem than censorship.
thumbnailMedia developments make headlines in Macedonia
2011-07-05The media regulatory body is under investigation for tax evasion and criminal activity while 150 journalists protest job losses.
Kyrgyzstan arrests Turkish journalist suspected of terror links
2011-05-12BISHKEK, Kyrgyzstan -- A Turkish journalist wanted by Ankara for alleged ties to a terror group has been arrested in Kyrgyzstan, the Kyrgyz National...
Romanian media tycoon arrested for blackmail
2011-04-22BUCHAREST, Romania -- Prosecutors sought a 29-day detention for media mogul Sorin Ovidiu Vantu and his aide on blackmail charges Thursday (April 21st...
thumbnailMacedonian media mogul under arrest
2010-12-29Police have detained Velija Ramkovski, but supporters say he is the victim of a political witch hunt.
Romanian media tycoon arrested for helping convict flee
2010-09-10BUCHAREST, Romania -- Media magnate Sorin Ovidiu Vantu was arrested on Thursday (September 9th) for allegedly helping a fraud convict flee the countr...
thumbnailAudio story: Broadcasting freedom in Serbia
2010-07-30A summer school for media professionals, organised by the International Research and Exchanges Board, was held earlier this month in Serbia.
OSCE concerned about media in Balkans
2010-07-30VIENNA, Austria -- OSCE Representative on Freedom of the Media Dunja Mijatovic delivered her first report Thursday (July 29th), outlining areas of co...
Journalist attacked in Belgrade
2010-07-26BELGRADE, Serbia -- A prominent journalist for the Vreme weekly was beaten in a Belgrade suburb, media reported on Sunday (July 25th). Teofil Pancic...
Watchdog group says Kosovo journalists face threats
2010-07-21PRISTINA, Kosovo -- Journalists are a target of threats from nationalist militants and extremists of all kinds, according to a Reporters Without Bord...
Kosovo journalist targeted
2010-07-21PRISTINA, Kosovo -- Journalist Caslav Milisavljevic claimed on Tuesday (July 20th) that an explosive device thrown in his yard was a politically moti...
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Region, Turkey optimistic about new EU leadersRegion, Turkey optimistic about new EU leaders

Regional officials say the recent personnel changes in the EU will have a positive impact on their countries' relationship with Brussels.

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