thumbnailLocal government reform stirs debate in Albania
2014-01-31Bloggers debate whether reducing the number of municipalities and communes may violate rights of electoral constituencies and national minorities.
thumbnailBulgarian MPs weigh a no-confidence vote
2013-10-01Bulgaria's opposition is drawing attention to the newly established ministry for investment planning.
thumbnailReshuffled Serbian government faces divided expectations
2013-09-09After a debate that took several months, Serbia has reshuffled its government and analysts expect different things from the new ministers.
thumbnailExperts' reactions differ over Papaconstantinou case
2013-07-15Experts see different reasons for parliament's decision in a former Greek finance chief's case.
thumbnailEU accession is priority of new Serbian government
2012-07-12The parties of the new ruling majority in Serbia signed a coalition agreement this week, and analysts say the new cabinet will face numerous challenges – from the issue of Kosovo and Serbia's devastated economy, to the fight against crime and corruption.
thumbnailAnalysts: Romania should steer away from populism
2012-05-09Installed just half a year before elections, the new coalition government in Romania must avoid the temptation of populist measures amid a still fragile economy, experts say.
thumbnailLack of political support dooms Romania's government
2012-04-30With no real backing from the parties behind the former coalition government, Mihai Razvan Ungureanu's cabinet was easy prey for the opposition.
thumbnailChange of government comes with economic worries in Romania
2012-04-28A sudden political change in Romania’s leadership -- after only two months in power -- overlaps a sensitive transition from recession to a feeble economic growth.
thumbnailBiH gets a government for New Year's
2011-12-29It took five meetings among party leaders to reach a concensus on forming a government, 14 months after voters went to the polls.
thumbnailE-democracy: making government closer to the people in Macedonia
2011-12-23A new web portal aims to ease communication between citizens and government, to make government more responsive and efficient in real time.
thumbnailBiH government void wreaks havoc on ailing economy
2011-11-22Millions in investment losses are causing heavy losses on an already unstable BiH, reflected in a growing unemployment rate.
thumbnailNew BiH government still up in the air
2011-07-25Political infighting delays formation of a new state government nearly ten months after the elections.
Law on restructuring interior ministry fails in Romania's Deputies Chamber
2011-05-25BUCHAREST, Romania -- The ruling coalition on Tuesday (May 24th) failed to attract enough votes in the Deputies Chamber to pass an important law rega...
BiH state parliament constituted
2011-05-22SARAJEVO, Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) -- The House of Representatives of the Parliament of BiH was constituted on Friday (May 20th) more than seven...
Nishani nominated for Albanian interior minister
2011-04-21TIRANA, Albania -- Prime Minister Sali Berisha nominated Bujar Nishani for the post of interior minister on Wednesday (April 20th). If decreed by the...
Bulgaria's Borisov reinstates sacked NEK director
2011-04-07SOFIA, Bulgaria -- Prime Minister Boyko Borisov on Wednesday (April 6th) reinstated Krassimir Parvanov, director of the national electricity company...
Inzko: partition of BiH is not acceptable
2011-04-05BRUSSELS, Belgium -- High Representative Valentin Inzko said on Monday (April 4th) that speculation about the disintegration of Bosnia and Herzegovin...
Inzko suspends CIK's decisions on FBiH authorities
2011-03-28SARAJEVO, Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) -- High Representative Valentin Inzko has suspended decisions of the Central Election Commission (CIK) regardi...
BiH's election commission annuls vote to elect FBiH government, president
2011-03-25SARAJEVO, Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) -- The Central Election Commission (CIK) on Thursday (March 24th) annulled last week's vote at the Federation...
BiH's CIK to discuss formation of new FBiH authorities
2011-03-21SARAJEVO, Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) -- The Central Election Commission (CIK) is expected to hold an extraordinary session on Monday (March 21st) t...
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NATO co-operation is crucial for Serbia, regionNATO co-operation is crucial for Serbia, region

By co-operating with NATO, Serbia will see improvement in its defence system and security sector reforms, officials and experts said.

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