thumbnailGreece moves to open coast for development
2014-07-31Environmentalists oppose the new measures, citing the need to preserve beaches and the public's right to access to the coast.
thumbnailCroatia, Montenegro working together to reach Adriatic oilfields
2014-07-02The effort to drill for oil and gas could stimulate the economy and attract foreign investment.
thumbnailEuropean Green Belt initiative furthers co-operation
2013-10-21Projects aim to protect the environment while allowing border regions to flourish.
thumbnailWith only two dumps, Albania far from EU standards
2013-08-24Officials have tentatively approved an idea to import thousands of tonnes of trash from Greece and Italy.
thumbnailReport calls for energy efficiency in urban transport
2013-08-05Istanbul, Kayseri and Belgrade are cited in a new report as following best practices in transportation policy and energy efficiency.
thumbnailCitizens urge authorities to remove waste site in Montenegro
2013-06-13Many claim an environmental disaster is unfolding and have joined a human chain blockade to stop waste disposal trucks.
thumbnailRegional countries boost efforts on HCFC phase out
2013-06-06Under the Montreal Protocol, countries in the region need to achieve a reduction in the amount of HCFCs consumed by 2015.
thumbnailEnvironmental pollution awareness on the rise in the region
2013-04-23A change in customer habit is called for in the solution to plastic bag pollution.
thumbnailRomania and Bulgaria act to stop Black Sea coastal erosion
2013-04-17Brussels will aid the two countries in coping with the phenomenon.
thumbnailMacedonia, Albania ecologists call for boost in Lake Ohrid cleanup
2012-12-14Macedonian and Albanian environmentalists sound the alarm to save Lake Ohrid's aquatic life.
thumbnailMan on the river: A sustainable journey through Europe's waterways
2012-10-01An Italian environmentalist sailed and rowed 5,400 kilometres from London to Istanbul along Europe's waterways to highlight sustainable tourism and the environment.
thumbnailBiosphere reserve to include three countries
2012-09-20Implementing a biosphere reserve in a region that covers Macedonia, Albania and Greece aims to improve economic prospects and co-operation.
thumbnailBiH hydroplant plan could cost the environment
2012-08-03Experts say that new hydroelectric power plants in BiH might be too high a price for the citizens from both sides of the Neretva.
thumbnailSerbia tries to reduce public waste
2012-02-20The government is restricting plastic bags in an effort to protect the environment.
thumbnailBulgaria may need to revise new shale gas law
2012-01-30Bulgaria decided to ban exploratory drilling for shale gas due to environmental impact concerns.
thumbnailEnvironmental cleanup: Montenegro's 20 year-old dream
2011-12-19Given limited sucess on the environmental front, ecology remains a hot issue in Montenegro.
thumbnailPollution is a wake up call for Albania
2011-12-05Environmentalists sound the alarm that pollution and deforestation in Albania are at the highest levels in Europe, while government inactivity compounds the problem.
thumbnailMacedonia Tree Day encourages ecological awareness, regional co-operation
2011-11-25A new initiative centred on creating and protecting forests as well as uniting peoples is fast becoming a Balkan exercise in co-operation.
thumbnailCompost programme under way in two Greek municipalities
2011-11-16Citizens are helping to turn kitchen scraps and yard trimmings into nutrient-rich fertiliser, on a potentially huge scale.
thumbnailForest shortcut slammed by greens
2011-09-19Plans to build a road through a wildlife reserve in Romania are drawing fire.
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Armed forces train leaders for new global challengesArmed forces train leaders for new global challenges

The British Embassy in Macedonia held training for 30 high-ranking officials in the security sector.

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