thumbnailRegion strives for energy stability
2014-12-18After Russia announced that it will halt the construction of the South Stream pipeline, countries in the region debate energy stability.
thumbnailGas pipeline to boost economy and energy security in Moldova
2014-09-18The pipeline represents a vital energy alternative for Moldova, officials and analysts say.
thumbnailRussia's tensions with Ukraine could affect energy in the Balkans
2014-09-17Ukraine's loss of gas from Russia is expected to influence energy prices and supplies in the Balkans.
thumbnailEU asks the Balkans to fight energy sector corruption
2014-07-07A new report recommends reform of the justice system to tackle corruption in energy deals.
thumbnailBalkan energy companies explore regional, EU markets
2014-04-04EU membership means entering a large, liberalised energy market, and regional companies need to prepare, experts say.
thumbnailEU to take measures against dependency on Russian gas
2014-03-28The European Commission will present an energy plan in June.
thumbnailMacedonians debate economic development and the environment
2014-03-07A decision to build a hydro-electric plant at Lukovo Pole has pitted environmentalists against proponents of renewable energy.
thumbnailNew Albania-Kosovo power line attracts regional interest
2014-01-09The power line is expected to help the Kosovo and Albania energy electricity markets.
thumbnailEU integration brings choice, savings, to regional energy consumers
2013-12-09Croatia's accession to the EU opened the market to energy providers and is leading to lower household bills.
thumbnailRegion takes measures against energy poverty
2013-11-07The beginning of the heating season is bringing focus to the issue of energy poverty.
thumbnailMacedonia will reap benefits of joining South Stream
2013-08-09Lower gas prices and a more dependable supply are expected to translate into a more economically prosperous Macedonia, which will more readily be able to tackle Euro-Atlantic integration.
thumbnailKosovo to focus on renewable energy resources
2013-08-07Renewable energy resources should be at least 25 percent of Kosovo's energy plan by 2020.
thumbnailTrans Adriatic Pipeline to bring Azeri gas to Europe
2013-07-03The Trans Adriatic Pipeline will bring Caspian gas through Turkey to European markets.
thumbnailRomania's shale gas debates move to blogs
2013-05-25Shale gas exploration, which according to the government will make Romania energy independent, sparked discussions in the blogosphere.
thumbnailAfter Cyprus bailout, Israeli apology, gas takes centre stage
2013-04-09Greece, Turkey, Israel and Cyprus all have stakes in Eastern Mediterranean natural gas.
thumbnailEU integration unaffected by CEZ dispute, officials say
2013-02-11According to Albanian energy authorities, CEZ failed to import sufficient electricity and to invest in the power grid, causing the country $1 billion in damage.
thumbnailEnergy Community hopes to boost regional markets
2013-01-28The Energy Community strategy focuses on regional co-operation and supply security.
thumbnailTurkey and Balkans boost energy ties
2012-12-06Stakeholders from across the region see mutual economic and political benefits.
thumbnailKosovo and Serbia turn attention to energy
2012-12-01Pristina seeks an agreement on control of energy assets in northern Kosovo.
thumbnailBalkan citizens oppose RS plans for hydropower plants
2012-10-13Local population and experts believe that building hydropower plants will destroy the environment.
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Armed forces train leaders for new global challengesArmed forces train leaders for new global challenges

The British Embassy in Macedonia held training for 30 high-ranking officials in the security sector.

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