thumbnailBiH authorities co-operate to stop tax fraud
2014-04-03Based on Croatia's Bureau for Combating Corruption and Organised Crime, a new team in BiH expects to investigate and prosecute tax evaders more quickly.
thumbnailArrests highlight Montenegro's efforts against corruption
2014-04-01Officials said the resolve is there, but experts said stronger anti-corruption efforts are needed.
thumbnailHDZ verdict is a turning point for political transparency
2014-03-19HDZ is the first political party in the EU to be found guilty of corruption.
thumbnailGreek arms deal corruption prompts increased oversight
2014-01-14Greek authorities act to restore trust in the armed forces.
thumbnailSerbia, Montenegro show progress in anti-corruption efforts
2013-12-18Focused efforts to stop government fraud are showing results in some countries.
thumbnailPolice planning to stop counterfeit degrees
2013-11-28University professors from the region are asking for countries to exercise stronger control over university diplomas in order to eliminate counterfeit degrees.
thumbnailAlleged corruption in Serbia agency draws attention
2013-11-26The Serbian Investment and Export Promotion Agency scandal has triggered a debate on the efficiency of state agencies and whether the existence of some of them is justified.
thumbnailAuthorities hope cameras will end toll charge abuses
2013-08-16Cameras are intended to monitor everything that is happening at toll booths.
thumbnailKosovo turns to online anti-corruption efforts
2013-07-18Online anti-corruption efforts in Kosovo show promising results.
thumbnailCorruption remains a worry in the region, survey finds
2013-07-16Public opposition to improper practices is essential to reducing corruption in services, according to experts.
thumbnailExperts' reactions differ over Papaconstantinou case
2013-07-15Experts see different reasons for parliament's decision in a former Greek finance chief's case.
thumbnailAnti-corruption centres motivate citizens to fight corruption
2013-07-15An increasing number of people in Serbia, Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina seek legal and other assistance to address instances of corruption.
thumbnailMacedonian anti-corruption efforts pay off
2013-06-24Authorities arrest 13 in an anti-trafficking operation, including a police officer from the border service.
thumbnailNon-compliance with Kosovo wealth declaration law alarms experts
2013-06-17Corruption among public officials in Kosovo will "undermine the progress of the country" and "slow down" its path toward the EU, international and local experts warn.
thumbnailBiH border police focus of anti-corruption action
2013-06-14BiH authorities are targeting police and state officials in anti-corruption stings.
thumbnailJansa sentence is a warning to regional politicians
2013-06-12Janez Jansa was convicted of seeking a 2 million euro bribe when he was prime minister of Slovenia.
thumbnailRegion focuses on corruption in customs sectors
2013-05-27Efforts to stem corruption in the region's custom sector are working, but more needs to be done, analysts said.
thumbnailBloggers want corruption in health care stopped
2013-05-18Medical workers' low income leads to corruption in region's health care system "directly affecting" patients' health, bloggers said.
thumbnailMiskovic indictments help anti-corruption efforts
2013-05-16By pressing charges stemming from corruption against one of Serbia's most influential businessmen, observers said the state is earning the public's support.
thumbnailSanader trials show commitment to fight corruption, analysts say
2013-05-08Citizens say that joining the EU will also help boost the fight against corruption.


Region taking stand against corruption in footballRegion taking stand against corruption in football

After years riddled with scandal, officials are taking steps to end corruption and crime in football.

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