thumbnailISIL's focus on women criticised in Turkey and the Balkans
2014-08-22Citizens and experts urge states to react decisively against ISIL and its propaganda.
thumbnailMacedonia opens its first academy for women
2014-08-07Macedonia and Turkey are running a joint project to increase women's role in the region's social and political life.
thumbnailSerbia improves position of women in politics
2014-07-18Bloggers argue on the way to EU membership, women need to join the highest decision-making positons in government.
thumbnailNGOs work to improve women's status in the Balkans
2014-06-05Macedonia, Albania and Kosovo are promoting women's rights while helping them to integrate in their countries' economic, political and social life.
thumbnailWomen to assume greater role in Balkan militaries
2014-02-28Military officials said they are working to attract, employ and retain women more effectively.
thumbnailMacedonian NGOs helping victims of domestic violence
2014-02-27Human rights' defenders support efforts to stop violence against women in Macedonia.
thumbnailMoldova unites against domestic violence
2013-12-06Authorities and civil society are strengthening efforts to fight domestic violence in Moldova, following EU warnings to prevent the cases of family abuse in the country.
thumbnailVarying perceptions of Muslim religious dress
2013-07-08In Turkey, religious dress can be seen as more than a fashion choice, but the Balkans it is different.
thumbnailRegion tries to improve status of Roma women
2013-02-05Overcoming gender and ethnic prejudice is difficult, but there has been progress.
thumbnailWomen struggle to have equal access to property
2012-12-18Times are changing and new government measures supporting women's economic rights are sustaining the momentum.
thumbnailTurkish women cope with male-dominated society
2012-03-15Once in a nation that provided women with far-reaching rights and status, to an extent unprecedented in any Muslim country, women in Turkey today face a number of problems.
thumbnailPodcast for 2012-03-15
2012-03-15In this episode, We present highlights of what is published on Setimes in the past week.
thumbnailTurkey's evolving feminist movement
2011-09-07Despite major successes, Turkey's fractured feminist movements need to resolve their own differences.
thumbnailTurkish government announces plans to protect women
2011-07-28Women's rights activists support government plans to protect women from violence, but continue to criticise cultural norms.
thumbnailKilling women in the name of "love"
2011-05-18Women protest impunity and the rise in murdered women, blaming state institutions.
thumbnailGroup aids domestic violence victims in Albania
2011-05-12Family life turns into a nightmare for many Albanian women, human rights defenders warn.
Istanbul meeting nets convention on violence against women
2011-05-12ISTANBUL, Turkey -- Officials from 13 countries meeting in Istanbul signed a convention to combat violence against women Wednesday (May 11th). During...
Women in Turkey protest violence
2011-03-09ANKARA, Turkey -- Thousands of women gathered in the streets of several cities across Turkey on International Women's Day, Tuesday (March 8th), to pr...
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Islamic Community acts to stop ISIL recruitmentIslamic Community acts to stop ISIL recruitment

Citizens and experts support the Islamic Community's efforts to stop people from joining ISIL and to reintegrate them into society when they return.

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