thumbnailNationalism in Bulgaria may impact EP vote
2014-05-23Education and suppressing hate speech are the ways to fight xenophobia in Bulgaria, experts say.
thumbnailBulgarian government, citizens denounce attacks on refugees
2013-12-19Analysts say a recent surge in attacks against Syrian refugees in Bulgaria is a result of the political ambitions of nationalist movements that will not prevail.
thumbnailBulgaria gets UN aid to assist Syrian refugees
2013-11-29Bulgaria takes measures to deal with overwhelming influx of asylum seekers from Syria and prevent illegal entries into the country, officials in Sofia say.
thumbnailBulgaria takes measures to protect Syrian refugees
2013-10-31Humanitarian aid from EU member states and NGOs, as well as numerous donations, will help Bulgaria to deal with the influx of refugees from Syria.
thumbnailGreece reaches out to help refugees
2013-10-02The government is implementing a United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR)-supported reform of its system to assist immigrants.
thumbnailRising number of refugees creates concern in Turkey, Europe
2013-09-18As the Syrian conflict continues, the EU is seeing a spike in refugees, along with Turkey.
thumbnailBalkans trying to solve refugee problem
2013-01-02The programme will help refugees in BiH, Montengro, Croatia and Serbia.
thumbnailSymbol of Muslim return to Banja Luka being rebuilt
2012-11-20Rebuilding the Banja Luka mosque signals renewed religious tolerance and co-existence in the community.
thumbnailGreece to ‘seal’ border against Syrian refugees
2012-08-02The anti-immigrant government is quadrupling guards and adding water barriers to keep Syrian refugees out of the country.
thumbnailRefugee housing programmes span the region
2012-05-16Displaced people and refugees remain a phenomenon that is plaguing the region. Several countries have joined together to do something about it.
thumbnailBalkan countries aim to solve refugee issue
2011-11-18Even 16 years after wars ended in Yugoslavia, there are still people who live in refugee camps and other collective centres throughout the Balkans.
thumbnailUNHCR: number of forcibly displaced people at 15-year high
2011-06-20Serbia is the Southeast European country with the largest number of refugees, internally displaced people and stateless persons, according to a new UN report.
thumbnailSyrian refugees flood into Turkey
2011-06-10As Syrian security forces converged in the country's restive northwest on Friday, Syrian refugees escape to a welcoming Turkey.
thumbnailAudio story: an Iranian couple's journey from fear to freedom
2011-04-01When two young adults fell in love, they anticipated a normal life together. But the regime had other plans.
thumbnailPodcast for 2011-04-01
2011-04-01In this episode, We present highlights of what is published on Setimes in the past week.
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Islamic Community acts to stop ISIL recruitmentIslamic Community acts to stop ISIL recruitment

Citizens and experts support the Islamic Community's efforts to stop people from joining ISIL and to reintegrate them into society when they return.

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