thumbnailExperts: Moldova to choose European future on November 30th
2014-11-13Political analysts expect the pro-European coalition will win the upcoming parliamentary election in Moldova.
thumbnailPro-Erdogan Balkan tour finds support, receives criticism
2014-01-22While thousands are protesting in Istanbul's streets against government corruption, supporters of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan have launched a pro-government campaign across the Balkans.
thumbnailReactions are mixed to new Serbian finance minister
2013-08-27Analysts say Lazar Krstic, a 29-year-old Yale University graduate, must learn to navigate the Serbian political landscape.
thumbnailChanges on the way in Serbia's ruling coalition
2013-08-03Although one of the coalition partners is leaving the government, new elections that would slow Serbia's European path will be avoided.
thumbnailTurmoil in Bulgaria causes concern in EU
2013-06-27Wiretapping charges against a former interior minister and on-going social and political unrest could lead to a negative EU assessment about the rule of law, fight against corruption and organised crime in the country.
thumbnailSerbian government, citizens should 'pay attention to each other'
2013-06-05Data shows that the majority of Serbs do not want to participate in politics and distrust political institutions.
thumbnailSerbia develops community policing
2013-06-04The concept could transform the traditional police reactive service into a service that is more beneficial to citizens and minority groups, experts say.
thumbnailNew Bulgarian government promises stability
2013-06-03The new government in Bulgaria will focus on economic recovery and stability.
thumbnailOfficial: Kosovo should remain on European path
2013-05-25Some say the Organisation of the Islamic Countries' values are not in line with Kosovo.
thumbnailEU urges Macedonia to embrace integration path
2013-04-12In advance of this week's progress report, Fule calls upon government and opposition to overcome recent political crisis.
thumbnailCaretaker government must find stability, analysts say
2013-03-14The caretaker government took office on Wednesday.
thumbnailBulgarian political crisis could threaten achievements
2013-03-08Some of the demands raised by protesters in Bulgaria could be harmful for the country's economy, Bulgarian EU Commissioner Kristalina Georgieva warned.
thumbnailRomania calls for political truce in Moldova
2013-02-28The political crisis in Chisinau could endanger Moldova's efforts to join the EU.
thumbnailPolitical parties point fingers on lack of EU candidacy
2012-12-28Political parties in Albania blame each other for failing to get EU candidate status.
thumbnailCroatia's Kukuriku coalition in flux
2012-12-04Analysts and citizens say the coalition will hold, but is not addressing the issues it was elected to tackle.
thumbnailMoldova enacts ban on Communist symbols
2012-10-16Moldova follows a regional trend of countries trying to come to terms with their troubled Communist past, but the Communist Party claims banning its symbols is an attack on the main political opposition.
thumbnailRS independence talk is just talk, analysts say
2012-10-02The Republika Srpska ruling party's talk of independence during the election campaign is meant to stir up sentiments.
thumbnailGreece's Golden Dawn party embracing extremist role
2012-09-17Golden Dawn capitalises on an anti-immigrant stance, but many Greeks refuse to accept the party.
thumbnailGovernment asks Kosovo opposition party to return to committees
2012-09-05President Arifete Jahjaga affirmed she will carry out her five-year term and appealed to the political party leaders to sort out their differences over the April 2011 agreement.
thumbnailGreek graffiti artists transform a grey city
2012-08-31Greek artists use graffiti to express their political views.
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Armed forces train leaders for new global challengesArmed forces train leaders for new global challenges

The British Embassy in Macedonia held training for 30 high-ranking officials in the security sector.

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