thumbnailKosovo, Serbia condemn death of EULEX worker
2013-09-24International and local officials said attempts to destabilise progress in northern Kosovo are unacceptable.
thumbnailSerbia's 'temporary' local institutions in Kosovo at issue
2013-08-22The EU said the agreements reached between the two sides are very clear and need to be implemented.
thumbnailBelgrade does not support interim Kosovo Serb assembly
2013-07-20Serbian officials say the formation of an interim assembly of Kosovo Serbs is not in compliance with the Brussels agreement.
thumbnailKosovo appeals to northern Serbs to participate in local elections
2013-07-09Participation by Serbs in northern Kosovo in local elections is a requirement of the Brussels agreement between Pristina and Belgrade.
thumbnailKosovo Serbs worried about their future, but determined
2013-04-09Many Kosovo Serbs say they are determined not to align with Pristina.
thumbnailSerb, Kosovo leaders to address north status
2013-02-09According to the EU, a continued dialogue between Pristina and Belgrade is the only way to normalise Kosovo and Serbia relations.
thumbnailAnalysts: Serbia institutions in Kosovo impede security
2012-12-05The removal of Serbia's structures in northern Kosovo should be done with confidence-building measures for Kosovo Serbs, according to experts.
thumbnailChances of talks between Kosovo, northern Serbs look dim
2012-05-15While Kosovo officials are eager to hold talks with Serbs in the country's north, the minority group is wary of sitting at the table without Belgrade.
thumbnailKosovo needs a solid plan for the north
2012-04-25The problem of integrating the north into Kosovo's rule, and the lack of communication with the people living there, has shown that Pristina needs to get serious.
thumbnailBlast escalates unrest in Mitrovica
2012-04-10Calls for a state of emergency in Kosovo's north come after a bomb attack kills an ethnic Albanian.
thumbnailKosovo’s government seeks to turn the page on outside supervision
2012-02-06Lawmakers vote to end the presence of international supervisory forces in Kosovo, triggering a range of reactions.
thumbnailVeselinovic arrests stir controversy in Serbia
2011-12-22While government officials do not comment the arrest of the two brothers suspected of the organising the attacks on KFOR in northern Kosovo, the opposition considers the move a beginning of the dismantling the Serbian institutions there.
thumbnailEULEX's de Marnhac: freedom of movement is a must
2011-12-17In an exclusive interview with SETimes, EULEX chief Xavier de Marnhac underlines the need for co-operation and rule of law.
thumbnailRussian convoy sparks tensions at Serbia-Kosovo border
2011-12-15After two days of waiting, a deal was made allowing a Russian convoy to enter Kosovo.
thumbnailRemoval of Kosovo barricades sought -- without conditions
2011-10-26EULEX chief Xavier de Marnhac says there will be no more meetings with Serbs in the north unless freedom of movement is established.
thumbnailNo prospects for Kosovo split
2011-10-24Partition represents too great a threat to regional stability to be considered as an option, analysts say.
thumbnailKFOR launches action in the north, tension simmers
2011-10-20After a series of meetings with Serb leaders in northern Kosovo failed, KFOR launched an operation Thursday to remove the barricades.
thumbnailChildren man barricades in northern Kosovo
2011-10-19Tensions along the border in northern Kosovo are high after KFOR announced plans to dismantle the barricades on roads leading to the border crossing of Jarinje and Brnjak.
thumbnailWho controls Kosovo's north?
2011-10-18As barricades in northern Kosovo continue, Belgrade and Pristina come to an impasse.
thumbnailKFOR: "Progress is possible"
2011-10-11KFOR Commander General Erhard Drews tells SETimes that while it is not up to his personnel up investigate those responsible for violence, KFOR would not "tolerate a return to the clashes of the past".
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Armed forces train leaders for new global challengesArmed forces train leaders for new global challenges

The British Embassy in Macedonia held training for 30 high-ranking officials in the security sector.

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