thumbnailKSF participating in Albania celebrations
2012-11-16Kosovo's inclusion is part of bilateral co-operation that Kosovo is developing with neighbouring states.
NATO Military Committee assesses KSF achievements
2010-09-29PRISTINA, Kosovo -- The NATO Military Committee is praising the Kosovo Security Force (KSF) but notes that it is still early for local forces to take...
Kosovo Security Force becomes fully functional
2009-09-16PRISTINA, Kosovo -- KFOR confirmed on Tuesday (September 15th) that the Kosovo Security Force (KSF) has reached its initial operational capacity, mak...
Kosovo signs agreement to boost NATO bid
2009-05-21PRISTINA, Kosovo -- The United Kingdom's defence ministry has signed a capacity-building agreement with the new Kosovo Security Force (KSF), media re...
Kosovo government says it will not surrender to extremists
2009-04-30PRISTINA, Kosovo -- Prime Minister Hashim Thaci said on Wednesday (April 29th) that the return of citizens to their homes should not be politicised,...
thumbnailSerbia's position deteriorates after accession of Croatia, Albania to NATO
2009-04-16Analysts and politicians agree that, after the accession of Croatia and Albania to NATO, Serbia could lose its leading role in the Balkans, which is why it must intensify co-operation with the Alliance through the Partnership for Peace.
Kosovo government sets deadline for Serb police officers to return to work
2009-04-16PRISTINA Kosovo -- The government has set a deadline of June 30th for Serb police officers to return to their jobs. The decision Wednesday (April 15t...
NATO defence ministers urge Kosovo Serbs to support KSF
2009-02-20WARSAW, Poland -- NATO defence ministers meeting in Krakow on Thursday (February 19th) urged Serbs in Kosovo to support -- and enlist in -- the newly...
thumbnailKosovo Security Council is inaugurated
2009-02-12Kosovo now has a council to advise the president on national security.
EU's Feith asks for Belgrade's help in northern Kosovo
2009-02-12PRISTINA, Kosovo -- EU Special Representative in Kosovo Pieter Feith told the European Parliament (EP)'s Foreign Affairs Committee on Wednesday (Febr...
Kosovo government presents 2009 strategic priorities
2009-02-11PRISTINA, Kosovo -- Prime Minister Hashim Thaci presented on Tuesday (February 10th) the strategic priorities for economic development this year. The...
Kosovo Serbs protest KSF, opening of customs points
2009-02-06PRISTINA, Kosovo -- Ethnic Serbs blocked the main highway between Brnjak and Jarinje in northern Kosovo on Thursday (February 5th) to protest the est...
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Armed forces train leaders for new global challengesArmed forces train leaders for new global challenges

The British Embassy in Macedonia held training for 30 high-ranking officials in the security sector.

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