Greek austerity measures

thumbnailGreek cabinet shakeup shakes up bloggers, too
2014-06-20Some bloggers are critical of the government reshuffling and early closing of parliament for the summer period.
thumbnailGreece eases ban on mortgage foreclosures
2014-01-08The government sought a solution to prevent abuse of the foreclosures ban.
thumbnailAusterity debate moves to Greece's healthcare system
2013-12-13Bloggers discuss the effects of potentially laying off 2,300 physicians from Greece's largest state-run healthcare insurer.
thumbnailNew Greek terror groups target judges, prosecutors
2013-09-26Anarchist and far-left terrorist groups aim to draw from a large, disaffected population, and particularly from a pool of young people.
thumbnailProspect for a third bailout divides Greeks
2013-09-14Bloggers question the terms and conditions of the bailout and whether such aid is needed.
thumbnailBad loans threaten Greek banking system
2013-09-06The government plans to lift a ban on foreclosures next year.
thumbnailVolunteer force keeps wildfires at bay
2013-08-22A volunteer firefighting force in southern Greece has battled more than 200 fires in the last six years.
thumbnailTourists back in Greece in record numbers
2013-08-08An increase in visitors brings extra euros to Greece's sagging economy.
thumbnailGreek lawmakers OK public worker firings
2013-07-20The government is under pressure from lenders to reduce the bloated workforce.
thumbnailEconomists, Greeks wary of 'no more austerity'
2013-03-15With loans coming in from international investors and a reduced primary deficit, Prime Minister Antonis Samaras said better times are ahead.
thumbnailGreek lawmakers OK probe of former finance minister
2013-01-21MPs reject investigation of Socialist leader, two former premiers over Swiss bank list.
thumbnailHigh oil prices drive Greeks to burn wood
2013-01-18People chop down trees, resort to fireplaces and stoves to keep warm.
thumbnailProbe widens in Greek tourism scandal
2013-01-17Fraud is alleged in the handling of missing money.
thumbnailGreece concerned about outbreak of violence
2013-01-16Journalists, political parties become targets of rising violence amid austerity.
thumbnailQatar eyes Greek defense companies
2013-01-03Greek premier is looking for big investments, Qatar is looking for deals.
thumbnailGreek parliament approves new austerity package
2012-11-08Greece would have run out of money next week without a loan from its international lenders.
thumbnailGreek journalist cleared in privacy case
2012-11-02A journalist is cleared of violating privacy laws as government presses more austerity.
thumbnailGreeks disapprove of Merkel's visit, more austerity
2012-10-20Concerned that additional austerity will deepen the economic crisis, bloggers disapprove of them in a unique manner.
thumbnailGreek banks look for solution to consumer debt
2012-09-19As the default rate for consumer debt nears 20 percent, some banks are renegotiating payment schedules while others are taking a harder approach.
thumbnailGreek leaders' last chance to keep loans coming
2012-08-24Prime Minister Antonis Samaras is fighting for more time to implement reforms and austerity.
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Armed forces train leaders for new global challengesArmed forces train leaders for new global challenges

The British Embassy in Macedonia held training for 30 high-ranking officials in the security sector.

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