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thumbnailUnder Vucic, Serbia to focus on EU and reforms
2014-04-24Aleksandar Vucic said his cabinet's priorities will be the continuation of European integration and judicial and economic reforms.
thumbnailEU changes its economic approach toward the Balkans
2014-04-21The Union sets new criteria for membership candidate countries and potential candidates.
thumbnailMoldova's pro-European course 'can only lead to a better life'
2014-03-19Moldova's effort to maintain a pro-European course is a positive example for Ukraine and other countries in the region that aspire to EU membership, experts and officials say.
thumbnailBloggers: 'The victory of the Ukrainian people is our victory'
2014-02-28The crisis in Ukraine might speed up the EU accession process for candidate countries in the region, bloggers and analysts say.
thumbnailEU warns Balkan nations about illegal waste depots, poor waste management
2014-02-17Bulgaria's failure to deal with illegal waste depots violates EU regulations and raises the issue of the waste management problems in the region.
thumbnailEU integration, corruption, refugees remain key challenges for the region in 2014
2013-12-30Southeast Europe needs to strengthen anti-corruption efforts to reach progress in EU integration process, officials and analysts say.
thumbnailSerbia hails 'new beginning' with start of EU talks
2013-12-23EU membership negotiations with Serbia start January 21st, but the question of Kosovo still remains.
thumbnailMoldova's military agreements to help strengthen regional security
2013-12-20New military agreements with Romania will help Moldova reach European military standards and strengthen regional security, analysts and officials say.
thumbnailTurkey-EU agreement a challenging one
2013-12-19The move, hailed as a "milestone" in EU-Turkish relations, comes six weeks after Ankara resumed talks to join the bloc, ending a 40-month freeze.
thumbnailRomania and Macedonia to deepen relations
2013-12-16Macedonia seeks Romania's support to obtain an EU negotiation date and learn about Romania's experience in EU and NATO accession.
thumbnailMoldova-EU deal to bring new trade opportunities
2013-11-27The Association Agreement with the EU will boost Moldova's economy and bring foreign investments to the former Soviet republic, experts and officials say.
thumbnailInvestments to spur growth, EU and NATO accession
2013-10-23EU and NATO integration and the accompanying reforms, in turn, provide a favourable business environment.
thumbnailBy opening wine markets, EU extends a hand to Moldova
2013-10-21The European Union opens its markets for Moldova wines, supporting the country's EU bid and urging the former Soviet republic to continue its efforts to join the bloc.
thumbnailWith an eye on the EU, Moldova to improve social services
2013-10-08Romania will assist Moldova to reform the social protection system and achieve European standards in social services, officials say.
thumbnailYouths urged to support co-operation, Euro-Atlantic accession
2013-10-08Regional co-operation in the fight against crime and corruption are crucial for EU and NATO accession, experts say.
thumbnailExperts: Both sides can contribute to recharging EU process
2013-09-27Experts say the government and EU officials must work together to rejuvenate the accession process.
thumbnailPresident Gul calls for renewed focus on EU bid
2013-08-19His statement presents an opportunity to deepen regional co-operation, analysts said.
thumbnailKosovo's EU integration has public support
2013-08-12The percentage of Kosovo citizens supporting the path of the country towards the EU increased this year, according to a recent survey.
thumbnailSupport for EU path increases in Serbia
2013-08-09The start of negotiations with the EU has had a positive impact on Serbian citizens' opinions.
thumbnailCroatia hopes to guide regional countries to EU membership
2013-08-01Croatia hopes to serve as a political and economic bridge between Brussels and the countries in the region.


EU changes its economic approach toward the BalkansEU changes its economic approach toward the Balkans

The Union sets new criteria for membership candidate countries and potential candidates.

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