thumbnailOfficials: Kosovo unprepared for EULEX to withdraw
2013-08-06Officials say that the early termination of EULEX's mandate will negatively affect the progress in the justice and rule of law sectors.
thumbnailKosovo-EULEX agreement promises results against organised crime
2013-07-22Officials said a new agreement will help joint investigative activities and operations.
thumbnailLeaked phone tapes raise debate on wiretapping in Kosovo
2012-12-15Many bloggers say wiretapping is necessary, but privacy should be protected.
thumbnailKosovo approves EULEX extension
2012-09-10Kosovo's parliament extends the mandate of the EU rule of law mission EULEX until June 2014.
thumbnailEU extends rule of law mission in Kosovo, despite critics
2012-06-14A 25% staff reduction in the EULEX mission takes place this week after the mandate is extended by two years.
thumbnailAmid violence, EULEX tries to strengthen rule of law
2011-09-30The EU mission comes under pressure from all sides.
Kosovo citizens losing faith in EULEX
2011-05-30PRISTINA, Kosovo -- Citizens of Kosovo are losing faith in EULEX, a report published on Sunday (May 29th) concludes. The document, drafted by the Kos...
De Marnhac says EULEX is in touch with Dick Marty
2011-05-25PRISTINA, Kosovo -- EULEX has established initial contacts with Council of Europe (CoE) rapporteur Dick Marty to discuss his allegations of human org...
Feith disappointed with EULEX's performance
2011-05-23PRISTINA, Kosovo -- International Civilian Representative Pieter Feith has criticised the EU Rule of Law mission (EULEX) for not being proactive enou...
Rexhepi says Kosovo Police will restore control in north if EULEX doesn't
2011-05-17PRISTINA, Kosovo -- Interior Minister Bajram Rexhepi warned EULEX on Monday (May 16th) that if the EU mission hesitates to restore control over the M...
EULEX investigates corruption cases in Kosovo
2011-05-16PRISTINA, Kosovo -- EULEX has started investigating 26 new corruption cases this year, a spokesperson for the mission announced on Sunday (May 15th)....
KLA veterans group refuses to recognise EULEX's authority
2011-05-09PRISTINA, Kosovo -- The Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) Veterans Organisation is urging all war veterans not to recognise EULEX's authority in Kosovo. T...
EULEX notes interethnic co-operation among criminals
2011-04-29PRISTINA, Kosovo -- EULEX deputy head of mission Andy Sparkes said on Thursday (April 28th) there is "some kind of interethnic co-operation" among cr...
Strong reactions in Kosovo against appointment of Romanian gendarme
2011-04-27PRISTINA, Kosovo -- The appointment of Romanian Colonel Marian Petre as head of the EULEX Special Police Unit has prompted reactions and requests for...
Romanian gendarme selected for higher position in EULEX
2011-04-26PRISTINA, Kosovo -- Romanian Colonel Marian Petre has been appointed head of the Special Police Department within the EULEX, media reported on Monday...
EULEX investigating suspended staff member
2011-04-19PRISTINA, Kosovo -- EULEX is investigating alleged abuse by an international member of its staff and it will not make any judgments before the proces...
EULEX official suspended, others transferred
2011-04-18PRISTINA, Kosovo -- EULEX has announced that an international member of the mission has been suspended for alleged abuse, and that other staff member...
EULEX's Sparkes announces return of judges to north
2011-04-15PRISTINA, Kosovo -- EULEX deputy chief Andy Sparkes announced on Thursday (April 14th) that international judges and prosecutors will return to the c...
Court in Kosovo's north to reopen on April 18th
2011-04-12PRISTINA, Kosovo -- EULEX is preparing to send local judges and prosecutors to the District Court of Mitrovica North three years after they were forc...
EULEX's de Marnhac: We are not chasing individuals
2011-04-07PRISTINA, Kosovo -- EULEX chief Xavier Bout de Marnhac said on Wednesday (April 6th) the mission is not dealing with individuals but is rather invest...
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Armed forces train leaders for new global challengesArmed forces train leaders for new global challenges

The British Embassy in Macedonia held training for 30 high-ranking officials in the security sector.

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